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Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble Nook HD e-Reader

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Great tablet! Why pay more when you don't have to?


So, Christmas was fast approaching and all 3 of my kids were asking for tablets from Santa. Now, I should specify that they weren't asking for tablets, they were asking for iPad's. Money doesn't grow on trees at my house but my kids thought that Santa could come up with anything that they asked for. My kids also didn't really know the difference between an iPad and any other brand of tablet so I started researching. Yes, Apple products are great and I love my iPhone but there is no way that I could afford THREE iPad's. I wanted to get these for play. My son wanted to do Minecraft and Angry Birds, my middle daughter wanted Candy Crush and my little daughter wanted every Disney Princess app on the planet. After I did a bit of research I found that the Nook HD had full access to the Google Play catalog and a massive variety of apps for my children. I knew that they would be pleased. The screen quality was fabulous and it had a nice response to touch. This tablet was only 8 gb however it has an SD card slot so you can cheaply upgrade with to 32 gb with an SD card. This was the HUGE advantage over the Kindle Fire HD which didn't offer the SD card slot. On Christmas morning, Santa came through and the the kids received their Nook HD tablets! They have been super-pleased and I have been thrilled with how well they have held up so far. I'm kind of jealous...I might have to get one too!




Barnes & Noble Nook HD e-Reader

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