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Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble Nook HD BNTV400RB 16GB 7in Tablet CPO SmokeGrey Refurbished


Now with Google Play™ Millions of apps, games, movies, songs & more are available on Google Play on NOOK HD. Now you can get the best in reading and the best Android entertainment-all right at your fingertips. The Best in Reading Choose from over 3 million books, magazines & more and get expert recommendations on what to read next. NOOK's ultra-light design and stunning display make it the perfect reading experience. Stunning High Resolution 7" Display NOOK HD's display is best-in-class, with brilliant color, ultra-crisp definition, and minimal glare. Pictures and video look spectacular from every angle and each word is crystal clear. A Joy to Hold Weighing only 11.1 ounces, the NOOK HD Tablet is feather-light. It's designed to fit naturally in your hand so you-or your child-can relax and enjoy it for hours at a time. Tailor-Made NOOK Apps The NOOK Store and choose from thousands of top apps exclusively optimized for NOOK HD, including our extensive collection of fun, educational apps developed for kids of every age, interest, and ability. Lightning-Fast and Powerful Who wants to wait? With a speedy 1.3Ghz dual-core processor and built-in Wi-Fi, the NOOK HD Tablet is fast, highly responsive, and smooth. The result? Now you can do more of what you love - faster. Expandable Memory & NOOK Cloud™ Get up to 16GB2 of built-in storage and even more when you add a microSD Card.3 Additionally, all of your purchases are stored for free in NOOK Cloud.

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My boyfriend and I looked at the Nooks for quite a while before we decided to purchase one. We decided to get a refurbished one due to the lower price. Not only is the price lower but you are helping the environment as well by "reusing" the electronic. We found the Barnes & Noble Nook HD 16GB 7in Tablet online for about $100. The Nooks have come a long way since they first came out. You can now not only use it for reading but watching movies, playing games, browsing social media and google. We have used our Nook primarily for reading when we are on the go or have a break in between our classes. We should really purchase a second one so we do not have to share! Haha. The 7 inch screen is the perfect size for reading without straining your eyes and you can take it anywhere. It is also really light weight so I just toss it in my purse. It really fits in your hands pretty well. I have small hands and find it comfortable to hold. My boyfriend has big hands and it is just fine for him too. I do have to admit the battery does not last the 10 hours as it claims but it is pretty long lasting. Sometimes there is a glare if you are outside and the sun hits the screen wrong. Overall I recommend purchasing a refurbished Nook. It is a really handy and portable device. It costs less than a brand new one too!



Excellent product excellent price


The nook HD 16GB is such a wonderful reading tool. It allows me to take all of my books with me on vacation, to the doctors office, or simply to bed. I LOVE the screen- it truly looks like a book page, eliminating stress on my eyes. 16GB is PLENTY of space for me to have all the books I want readily available. I love the portability of it, only 7 inches tall and extremely light weight. It is truly possible to take it anywhere! I love that the screen adjusts so you can read it in bright outdoor light. I brought my nook with me to South Padre beach last week- it was as easy to read as my paperback. LOVE this product! You need one. Period.



Barnes & Noble Nook HD BNTV400RB 16GB 7in Tablet CPO SmokeGrey Refurbished

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