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Barilla Montanara Mushroom & Garlic Pasta Sauce

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Not as hearty of a pasta sauce as I would have liked.


The Barilla Montanara Mushroom & Garlic Pasta Sauce tasted good, however, I was hoping for a much heartier pasta sauce. I had assumed that since it contained mushrooms it would be rather hearty. Therefore, I was disappointed that this was a rather thin pasta sauce and the mushrooms were minced and not very plentiful within the sauce. Overall, the taste was satisfactory, but I just prefer to have a thicker sauce with chunks of mushroom mixed into the sauce. I rectified the problem by chopping up some mushroom I had on hand and cooked it into the sauce to get the desired heartiness. I would likely purchase Barilla Montarana Garlic & Mushroom pasta sauce again based soley on the tastes of the seasonings. When I do not have time to simmer up my own homemade pasta sauce this would be a quick dinner problem solver. I will just know in the future to have some mushrooms on hand to mix in.



Great Pasta Sauce


Barilla makes great pasta and great pasta sauce. Their Montanara Mushroom and Garlic Pasta sauce is rich and loaded with mushrooms. It tastes fresh, as if the ingredients were picked the same day! It is full of flavor. I use it with spaghetti and lasagna dishes.



Barilla Montanara Mushroom & Garlic sauce has redeemed itself


UPDATE: I have tried a second jar courtesy of Barilla, and have upgraded my review accordingly. Barilla pasta sauces are often on sale along with their line of dried pastas. A couple of months ago, I saw that Barilla had launched a few "new recipe" sauces, so I picked up a couple of jars, along with some free pasta as they were having a promotion. Normally, I like using Barilla as a quick starter sauce, as it has less sugar than other prepared sauces. This particular Montanara Mushroom & Garlic sauce promised "thicker, richer taste" and is all natural. Ingredients include diced tomato, tomato puree, mushrooms, sugar, natural flavors, olice oil, sunflower oil, salt, parsley, onions, garlic, citric acid and black pepper. Upon opening the jar, you could definitely see that the sauce was thicker than their classic Marinara (which is often a bit watery). The taste is just okay, perhaps a bit less acidic than some of their other sauces. However, the biggest disappointment is the lack of mushrooms - I counted exactly four slices of mushroom in a 24 oz. jar of sauce. UPDATE: After contacting the company about the missing mushrooms, Barilla sent me an apology and a coupon for another jar, which had plenty of mushrooms! Basically, this is a decent red sauce that would probably please kids and mushroom lovers, but if you are expecting a sauce with a bit more punch, you'll probably want to add some fresh basil or even a little red pepper flake for more flavor.

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Barilla Montanara Mushroom & Garlic Pasta Sauce

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