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Bari Cosmetics
Bari Cosmetics Bon Bons Shimmer Powder

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Not great as an eyeshadow but makes a good body glitter


As an eyeshadow this product isn't very good; it won't stay in place and falls off too easily, so I've never had much luck with it. It doesn't go on very smooth and is the glitter itself feels smooth but tends to lie in clumps and if I'm not careful I end up with it piled up in the corner of my eye since it all seems to migrate there. So as a shadow it's sub par at best and there are much better ones out there; it's just too light to work well. But this makes an awesome body glitter; it stays and has such a nice shine to it without being so bright that you look metallic. I've even put on clear mascara before and while it was still wet dusted it with this product and given myself a nice shimmery look to my lashes that is great in winter for that icy, frosty sort of look. Once the mascara has dried I've never had problems with it flaking away so I really like that application for it. A not of warning though; if your eyes are very sensitive be careful with this; the glitter has a plastic feel to it so it may be irritating to some people.



Bon Bon's Shimmer Dust is awesome!


I have the gold one, and the white one. These only cost like ninety nine cents. I think some places you *might* be able to get them for 88 cents still, but I haven't seen that in the last few years rarely ever. These work really good as presents for younger girls as well as.... For eye shadow! I use the gold for eye shadow especially- it looks so natural with just a tad sparkle of shimmer! The white works good very *lightly* as a highlighter, but I really like both of them. You can also use the gold one for a body shimmer. With a larger fan brush, it works great for just sweeping some shimmer across your skin. Make sure for light application though or it will look weird! I used the gold eye shadow with primer, and a base for more dramatic look, on new years eve for a costume party. I went as tinker bell, and everyone complimented me on my eye shadowJ The pigmentation is really good, it has the perfect amount of shimmer, and it's so affordable. It didn't irritate my skin or eyes, and I have pretty sensitive skin so... it must be not too bad. Evey thing is bad though these days! Anyway, I love this stuff, it works and looks great, and it's so cheap! Also makes great stocking stuffers and gifts! Love these so much!

Millersburg, IN


Bari Cosmetics Bon Bons Shimmer Powder

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