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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals bareVitamin Skin Rev-er Upper

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This feels weird that I am basically the only one giving this a bad review but i just have to give in my two cents. I first got this is a base escentual package and on my first application I thought it applied on fine and it did not clump up my foundation. However, around 30 minutes later, my face started to get really sentive and it felt like it was burning. I washed off my foundation and i found red burns around my face. I really would not suggest this if you have sensitive skin like i do bcause it took a long time for it to heal. This is not cheap either so I would rec another brand. There is nothing really good to say about this product because I already tossed it out. I would suggest trying it out on your wrist before purchasing.


San Francisco, CA


Works nicely


I actually purchased my i.d. bare Vitamin skin rev-er upper  at a yard sale! IT had never been used, and it was still sealed up! I was really happy to buy it for only 50 cents. To me that is a great find, I hear it is a bit pricey! It really goes on smooth and seems to help my face. I am 25 and I hear around my age is the time to really start babing your face for this is the time wrinkles and stuff start happening more. It doesn't really have a smell to it at all, which is nice. Sometimes having an over empowering scent can ruin a product. I love that is smooths out the skin and makes it look healthier! Its nice you can also add moisturizer if you feel you need to or go without it. That is a really good perk. My face tends to dry out so easily I need something that works with other moisturizers verses only able to use one product. When I apply this to my face it really feels like it instantly freshens my face. I like that it isn't really oily or sticky. Applies nicely and does what it says!


Larned, KS


i.d. bareVitamins is a great base for my makeup routine.


I have been using Bare Minerals products for about 3 years and love the light feeling the of the products, and knowing at the same time that I am getting coverage I need.  This "skin re-ver upper," as it is referred to on the bottle, is a great way to start my makeup routine.  It is a vitamin complex that also acts as a primer for the mineral makeup.  A great thing about it is that it only takes one squirt of the bottle to cover the entire face, allowing a bottle's supply to last quite a while.  I apply the bareVitamins first thing in the morning, along with but before applying my facial moisturizer.  This allows the products to absorb and do their job before I put my makeup on.  The vitamins allow for my face to be smoother and the makeup actually goes on better and looks better when I stick to this routine.  According to the directions, it can be used both day and night.  There is no mention of SPF in the product, so if going out in the sun, definitely apply a facial moisturizer that contains SPF and/or makeup with SPF content.


Cabot, AR


BE Rev-er upper creates great makeup base


I love this product.  Completely invisable, this multi vitamin creme works beautifully to re energize skin, creating a beautiful base for your makeup.  Contains glycolic and salicylic acid so it is continually working to smooth the skin surface- all underneath your makeup.  You apply the product to a completely clean face.  After the application of the BE bare vitamins creme, you apply your moisturizer and your makeup as normal.  I like this product because you can use it during the day for a flawless makeup application or at night for a salicylic/ glycolic treatment!  Works well for people with rough skin or acne/ acne scarring.  My friend is a makeup artist and uses this product frequently, especially with her clients whos skin needs smoothing before makeup application.  Smells a bit chemical, but not bad considering the glycolic and salicylic are in there.  Would recommend this product to anyone and it is part of my "have to have" makeup products


Vero Beach, FL


Ecellent Product


I love how it makes my skin feel even without makeup. It just revs up my face and helps it feel good. I just wish that it was more redily available. I have to travel quite far to buy it without going on-line.


Michigan City, IN




I absolutely LOVE this product. I am a loyal customer of Bare Escentuals and was first introduced to this product in their introductory kit. I use it religiously and apply it before using their mineral makeup. I am prone to acne, and have noticed since using this facial multi-vitamin complex that my facial appearance has really improved. This product contains glycolic acid, which has been proven to improve the look of skin. (Not to mention all the other great vitamins it has!) Vitamins for your face = AWESOME! I use this as my moisturizer, since I don't have dry skin, but those with dry skin can definitely apply moisturizer on top of it if necessary. It ls light, non-oily, and the fragrance won't give you a headache. The price for this product is inexpensive for the results you see. The bottle lasts a long time, too, since all you really need are 3-4 pumps for the entire face. I will definitely keep buying this miracle-worker!


San Jose, CA


Excellent base before using mineral foundation!


I received the Bare Vitamins in a special Bare Escentuals starter kit that I ordered on line.  I discovered an excellent base to use prior to using my mineral foundation.  Using the Bare Vitamins first just makes your foundation glide on!


Indianapolis, IN


Love the bare escentuals line of makeup


I really like this product.  It doesnt make my face break out.  Ive been using it for about a month and havent had one breakout. My skin looks clearer now.  I use it with the bare minerals powder. It gives the powder more lasting coverage.  I would definately recommend this product to those who have senstive skin.   When I use it with the powder it gives my skin a beautiful natural glow.   Im a big fan of the bare escentuals line.


Towaco, NJ


Bare Escentuals bareVitamin Skin Rev-er Upper

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