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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush By Bare Escentuals

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One of the Few Brushes I Don't Like At All


I do a lot of makeup on older people, and one of the most exciting breakthroughs I have seen in makeup for older people has been the Bare Escentuals style of mineral makeup. I really like the idea of the minimalist makeup and the application is easy and quick, leaving a beautiful glow and nice appearance. One of the things I have NOT liked is the Bare Escentuals brushes. The Handy Buki Brush is one of those brushes. **Product Details** The Handy Buki is a rounded ended brush which is made from natural fiber. It has a short black handle which is about 2 1/2 inches long and a long silver ferrule which is about the same length as the black handle. The labeling is silver so you can see which brush it is. The bristles are rather picky although to the hand it does not feel to bad. **Product Performance** The Handy Buki Brush from Bare Escentuals is one of the poorest brushes I have ever worked with. Although the shape of the brush is nice and the bristles are loaded up fairly well, the brush itself is a poor performer. I have tried using the Handy Buki for Bare Escentuals application and it does not work that well. The surface of the brush is irritating to the skin and I don't find that it applies the foundation well either. Washing- oh my gosh, this is the really BAD part. I washed my brush for the first time and the brush shed so much I was afraid it would come completely apart! The bristles splay out a bit with more use and it does not soften up even when I used hair conditioner on it! **The Bottom Line** I just do not like this brush. The Handy Buki is anything but handy. The quality is poor, the brush sheds like crazy, and it feels prickly against the skin too. If you want to stick with the Bare Escentuals line, I would suggest the Heavenly Face Brush instead. If you are interested in a cheaper brush that performs well, I would suggest the flat topped foundation or all purpose brush from Sonia Kashuk at Target.

Podunk, NY


A nice dense brush for applying your mineral foundation


This brush is basically a little kabuki brush on the end of a handle.  I like it because the kabuki brushes can be a little uncomfortable to use since they don't have a handle to hold on to.  The head of the brush is made up of firm, tightly packed goat hair bristles.  It holds a lot of product and applies it evenly, although kind of heavily, all over your face.  I especially like it for buffing my foundation around tight areas like the eyes and nose.  I don't love the price of this brush.  It is what held me back from buying it for quite some time.  I used to use it every day when I needed more heavy coverage, but now I don't use it so much since my skin is quite clear and I only need lighter coverage.  I still like having it in my arsinal of brushes, though, since it is really nice for applying foundation precisely and evenly.  Overall I really like it and I would say if you use mineral foundation and want more than light coverage, this is a great brush to get.

Burnsville, MN


I love my Handy Buki Brush!


I got my Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush with my Bare Minerals Get Started kit. I think that it is one of the best makeup tools I have ever had! I love how compact the bristles are, allowing for a more full coverage look when used with powder or mineral makeup. The compact nature of the bristles also account for the smooth, natural look when used with blush or bronzer. This brush has very soft bristles, and feels great when brushed or buffed over skin. The bristles are just the right length, they do not bend like some cheaper brushes do. I prefer the longer handle on the handy buki brush rather than the shorter handle on the traditional buki brush. A great value when you get it in the starter kit. When you buy the starter kit, you basically pay for the two foundations, and the mineral veil, and then you get the handy buki brush, the concealer brush, the all over face brush and the bare minerals warmth for free!

Brainerd, MN


great starter brushes but get scratchy when cleaned


I have used several BE brushes and they start out so great.  they are soft and apply the makeup flawlessly.  This however does not last when you clean your brushes.  The bristles start to get tought and scratch your skin.  Enough to exfoliate your face.  They just dont last long at all for me I will stick to my Bobbi brown brushes.

Christiansburg, VA


Bare Escentuals Handy Buki Brush By Bare Escentuals

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