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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Lip Tints (Summer Collection)

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love it


Love this line of lip glosses from Bare minerals!  I got it as a gift, since I normally don't shell out so much money for lip glosses - most of my lip colors are from those gift sets or buy a certain amount and get a gift.  But these lip glosses are great.  THey have a shimmer and they feel refreshing on your lips - almost like this gloss is very good for your lips!  I like the colors in this set, and I like that they are more pigmented than you would expect for a lip gloss.  It's a little pricey for sure, but then again, this was a gift.  Would I buy it myself? Not sure...since Bare Minerals lip glosses are a little pricey for the shee coverage thing they've got going on.  WOuldn't buy their lip sticks - they smell a little funny.  But the lip gloss fragrance is pretty great, coverage is good, love the shimmer, they last for a while (don't see the glass seperating at all) and they tint your lips a nice color.

Auburn, WA


Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips: Love love love


I love these lip glosses. I had initially intended to keep one of the four and give the rest to my sisters and sister-in-law but once I tried it and loved it, I decided I wanted to keep them all for myself. I'll just buy them next time there's a deal. I had bought them at a huge discount as they were being offered at the end of the summer and I guess they were going to launch the fall/winter colors. I'm not picky. I can use lighter shades in the winter so that was not a problem. This lip gloss makes my lips tingle and it makes them look more plump in the process. I think the two are connected. The tingling sensation on the lips lasts for about an hour. It is not a fleeting sensation. It is cool and I must say feels good. I like the shine that it gives. It's not too glossy or too watery. It's  a "respectable" gloss. It is not sticky nor tacky, oh, and it lasts. I have used it and have taken a meal and my lips were still glossed after. Just do not wipe your lips off with your napkin.

Austin, TX


Love it


I buy every color and set that comes out.  I usually wear Benetint under it for more color and depth, but most colors alone stand on their own just fine.   I hate wearing lipliner and lipstick, and I haven't since discovering these.

Shawnee, KS


Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes Lip Tints (Summer Collection)

5.0 3