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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan

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nice, light feel with good coverage


I bought this kit after having a horrible reaction to another well-known, more expensive brand. Im so glad I did! My morning routine is quicker now, and I always look good. A quick layer or two of the lightest, a bit of bronzer on the cheeks, nose, and forehead (plus I also use a GORGEOUS ruby kit by BE for cheek color, eye color, and mascara), and Im set! Maybe 2 minutes each morning? Best thing is NO breakouts and my skin is very sesitive. My esthetician and dermatologist (never had to see either one of those before I used that other not to be mentioned product) both say my skin is looking really great now too. However my esthetician says that she is concerned with what she has seen Bare Minerals products do in the long run. She said the extremely fine powder gets into pores and eventually clogs everything up and makes the skin look older. So I am making sure to moisturize well before and allow it to dry well. Then regardless to what the company says WASH your face at night. Night is when your face does its healing! Why would you want to let the crud from your day sit on your face all night? I think using the prep cream from BE before you use the BE would be the best. Then the powder will stay ON your face, and not just slowly soak into your pores.


Beaverton, OR


Brushes make it a good value


Bare Minerals were recommended to me by a friend several years ago. I decided to buy a starter kit so I would have brushes and a few shades to choose from to determine what would work best for me. I realized the amount of powder in each container was a lot less that I would have hoped for. The brushes help improve the value of the product, but even those wore out after a few months. I found that the powders are easy to mix if a shade seems to light or too dark. Be careful not to spill - the powders can stain carpet! Their warmth was my favorite part - rather than looking very "made-up", they helped me look natural after I put the powder on. I've found that in the summer months it's easier just to use the warmth by itself for a more natural look. I would recommend that rather than buying the starter kit to go into a store that would let you try the different shades and figure out which work best for you.


Arlington, VA


best makeup ever!


Bare minerals is the best makeup ever! This kit is a great introduction to the line of products and gives you everything you need for everyday makeup. THe foundation goes on very smooth and leaves your skin feeling great. Make sure you read about how to apply the makeup because if you do it right then it will look much better than if you just try to figure it out yourself!  The brushes that it comes with are good, but you may also want to buy a kabuki brush for fuller coverage.  The all over color is nice too, but I personally prefer using blush. Though I may choose to include a few different products in this kit, you can't beat the price and it is a great value overall. Once you start using bare minerals you will like it so much you won't go back to any other makeup line. It is very natural looking unless you want to make your makeup look intense, so it is perfect to wear everyday, and also perfect when you want to go out!


Manchester, NH


Amazing Make-up!


I am in love with this make-up!!!  Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan is the best new make-up kit that I ahve ever tired. I tried those other mineral make-ups and always went back to liquid, frustrated with how the covered and what a mess they made. Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan was my last attempt at mineral make-up. I always loved the idea of mineral make-up, and I thought that Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan would be a good kit to try. I was right! I will never go back to liquid foundation again. This kit comes with 2 foundations, mineral veil, warmth, and 3 brushes - all you need to complete the look just like they do on the TV programs that I have watched several times. I would highly reccomend Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan to anyone wanting to try mineral make-up and who wants a qulaity make-up that is light and feels like you are wearing nothing.


Indianapolis, IN


It makes you look naturally fabulous


This stuff is so lightweight that you won't believe it. You know how most makeup -- even the stuff that isn't all that heavy -- still sits on your skin a little? Not Bare Minerals. Sometimes, I swear my skin actually feels better with it on! So, I was looking at doing my own makeup for my wedding. I perused the various makeup counters and fell in love with Bare Minerals. Part of that is probably my frugal nature: Sure, it's a little pricey but a teeny bit goes a LONG way. But also it just blended so seamlessly that it barely looked like I was wearing makeup. It just looked like I had a natural radiant appearance that was completely even.  I don't have a lot of patience to fuss with makeup, which is yet another thing I love about this set. Once you get the routine down, you can do the entire concealer, foundation, mineral veil, blush, bronzer in about 2-3 minutes. ("Get Started Eyes" takes maybe another three minutes.) It's quick and easy, despite the fact that there are several steps involved. I am incredibly pale, so I really love how well the blush and bronzer ("warmth") work together. Usually, I shy away from bronzer because it looks unnatural. This stuff lets you just sweep a little bit on and look like you've actually seen sunlight sometime this decade. (Or maybe that last part is just me.)  Point is, it's subtle but with stunning effects. You have a clean look -- though, with the various eye colors/packs, you can glam it up as much as you like -- that just looks fabulous.  


Phoenix, AZ


People say I look beautiful, not my makeup.


I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful about any products that I use on my skin.  The fact that Bare Escentials is all natural makeup is what originally caught my attention. This kit has everything you need right in the box for a flawless "natural" look.  The kit included a cd with directions for using the makeup.  The foundation covers beautifully without being cakey.  The warmth can be used as a light blush and eye shadow. The mineral veil adds a finishing touch.  The included makeup brushes are good quality brushes that last a long time. This makeup is pure and clean and has never caused an allergic reaction, rash, or acne from buidup.  It feels like you are wearing no makeup at all. People may have some sticker shock when they see the price.  This makeup is not cheap...but it is an investment in your face and beauty.  Each container of makeup also lasts a long long time. After I started using this makeup people would comment about how wonderful I looked and would ask me a ton of questions (lost weight, excersing more, healthy diet?) All because I changed my makeup to Bare Escentails.  I highly recomend this makeup!!


Minneapolis, MN


Bare minerals starter kit is wonderful.....I LOVE IT!!!


I purchase bare minerals stater kit because I have heard lots of great things about how it can clear up acne. I purchased bare minerals stater kit about a month ago and have had no breakouts since.  I love the way it's so light weight on you face and it only takes a small amount as well as a small amount of time to apply and get great coverage.  I was very ify on buying it but I am absolutely glad that I did.


Williamston, SC


Bare Minerals is AMAZING!


I have had this kit for almost 2 years now and still love it so much! I used to be so worried about wearing face makeup because I feared that a face full of zits would follow. Not with this makeup! Even on my lazy nights when I didn't feel like washing my makeup off before bed, the next day and days to come my face was just fine! The foundation goes on so smooth! I love that you can determine how sheer or full you want your coverage to be. The brush that comes with the kit also makes applications a breeze. The concealer brush that came with mine is like gold to me! I swear it covers zits better than any actual concealer I have ever tired. Sometimes, though, it is really easy to tip over the jar and spill a bunch on the floor. The only other negative aspect is that it is a bit expensive. Even though the price is a bit high, it is still a great makeup and a great investment into the most natural and  beautiful you possible!


Chesapeake, VA


Set is a good value, but the makeup wasn't for me.


If you're already sure you want to try Bare Minerals, this kit is probably the way to do it.  You'll get everything you need (makeup, nice brushes, even an instructional DVD) to decide whether or not you like it.  I don't exactly regret this purchase, even though I decided the makeup isn't for me.  There are two things specifically that I dislike about it: 1.  It's WAY too shiny!  I suppose maybe some people think it looks "luminous"--but I think it looks shiny (especially if you have oliy skin to begin with).  There is, however, a new "matte" version of this makeup that I haven't tried and very likely would be happier with.  2. It makes a huge mess!  Make sure to get dressed after applying, because this goes everywhere--on your clothes and all over your bathroom.  Besides the mess, you also need to know that you'll be breathing in these tiny particles, and that some experts have expressed safety concerns.


Custer, SD


won't go back to using anything else.


This makeup is amazing. I wouldn't use anything else besides Bare Minerals. I was very skeptical of this, seeing it advertised everywhere, but I stopped in the outlet store and picked up the get started kit. It includes a DVD and the tools you need to create the flawless face. It's great to mix the makeup together so you don't get a makeup mask line or look washed out. The DVD was helpful in assisting me with learning how to apply the makeup. The brushes included help you do everything with the makeup. I reccomend this product to anyone, young and old. My mom started using it and with it on her wrinkles seemed to disappear, while when I used it my acne and scars weren't even visible. I love this product and love the fact that what I'm putting on my face is natural. It's true that you can sleep in it because I have and my face didn't even break out! It can range a bit pricy, but try to find an outlet store. Also, the fine powder can get messy on clothes and countertops.


Chester, VA


Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals Get Started Kit, Tan/Medium Tan

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