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Airline Mileage Credit Cards
Barclays - US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard

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Average Card to earn some miles


I decided to sign up for this credit card when I recently got engaged. I had flown out to California to visit my family and received an inflight offer that would give me an additional 40,000 points for signing up plus the points earned for the flight I was on. I decided to get it to help pay for my honeymoon and trip to Vegas. Overall the card does give me points I can use towards flights. I personally probably do not spend enough to get a bunch of miles if I wasn't paying for my own wedding. The rates are high on this card too so I always make sure to pay it in full. I would only sign up for this card if you are going to get a bonus like I did. Also I would always recommend paying it in full so you won't have high interest costs. Customer Service This card offers good customer service and is always willing to help out and answer questions. Available Rates The rates on this card are a little high for what I normally go for. Since I am paying it off in full though I do not feel the effects of the high rates.



US Air Miles that may be a wash after fees


This mastercard allows you to save us air miles towards a future domestic flight with an $80 annual fee and $25-50 fees to redeem the miles.   Periodic specials are available such as miles towards flowers, rental cars, etc and the card gives you double miles when purchasing usair flights on it.  The card also pays  you 1 mile for each dollar spend each month. As long as you continue to spend money on the card, your miles never expire.  That helps when trying to save up for a pair of tickets to hawaii!  Watch for a sign up bonus promotion that gives you 20000 miles to join... I should have held out for the 30,000 promo that arrived a month after I joined.  They would not give me the retro 10000 points once I accepted the inital promo.   The interest rates leave a lot to be desired at about 15% for me with excellent credit.  Im hopeing that Im not hit with additional fees for actually paying off the balance each month (yes, cards are doing this now).

Sicklerville, NJ


Barclays - US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard

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