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Barclays Bank of Delaware - Carnival World MasterCard

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Nice to Earn Points for Cruises


I have this card and it is pretty good. I originally got it to save an extra $50 on my cruise - that is the promotional offer they have a lot of the time when you sign up. I just made the minimum number of transactions, got my bonus points, and then charged my cruise to the credit card. At that time, I was able to convert the points to $50 off my bill. It was pretty easy. For the rest of the time, the points to $$ conversion is not great, but if you cruise Carnival a lot it could work for you. I get 1 point per dollar everywhere, and 2 points per dollar on $$ spent with Carnival. I mostly only use it to pay for Carnival things. Right now, they are running 3 points per dollar on restaurants, so I am using it on all my restaurant spending. I am hoping to get up enough points to get another $50 off my next cruise. You can also get onboard credit, but the conversion rate is a little worse (10,000 points for $100 off your cruise, 12,000 points for $100 OBC). You can also get onboard gifts, and gift card if you end up not going on that cruise you hoped for.

Palm Bay, FL


Great rewards


I love my carnival mastercard. I am a huge carnival cruise fan, and it is so easy to earn rewards with this card, especially because the card allows you to earn double points for purchases with carnival cruise lines. Also - the website is easy to use. I've had the card for less than six months and they already increased my credit limit because of on-time payments. I'm definitely a fan.

Burtonsville, MD


Stay away from any credit card associated with Barclay


I used to LOVE my Carnival Seamiles Mastercard until very recently.  I have had this card for over 4 years.  I pay my balance in full every month.  I was late by 2 DAYS with a full payment to Barclay in January.  Barclay slapped on a $40 late fee, $40 interest charge and changed my interest rate from 11% to 30% (yes I meant to type 30%) indefinitely.  I have tried contacting customer service to discuss this.  There response "Sorry - there is nothing we can do."  So what about the Credit Card Reform Act that Congress kindly passed to protect me?  Luckily for the credit card companies, they were given plently of warning before the rules kick in.  The part that protects consumers from sudden rate hicks amazingly doesn't kick in until the end of February 2010. In addition, in December Barclay to over control took control of all "Fun Points".  During the transfer of control they lost over 70,000 of my point.  I have no problem with Carnival, but Barclay might as well bend their customers over........... Big mistake on Carnivals' part to affiliate with Barclay.

Navarre, FL


Barclays Carnival Cruise Miles card is fantastic.


Love the Barclays Carnival Cruise Miles credit card.  You earn points to use on cruises.  They have great customer service and a very easy website to navigate.  You can pay on line right up until 7 p.m. on their website of the due date of your payments and it will be credited to your card without any late fees.  There is no fee for paying on line.  The security on the website is also well thought out and secure.  You can also go on line and look at your credit card activity and see what transactions have hit your account.  You can also check the balance and the date of last payment on your statement on line.  The card can be used and accepted at any place Master Card is accepted.  Instead of the Disney Card giving you one point for every $100 you spend, you get a point for every $1 you spend, which helps to really rack up your points faster.  The redemption of the points is a pretty good deal as well.  For a one week cruise for free you need just $25,000 points and less than that for a three to four day cruise.  There are not black out days as well.  We have had the card now for one and a half years and have been very satisfied with it.  If there are any questionable transactions with this card, we will receive a call from the company to verify that we did do that transaction.  It makes me feel safe to know someone is montoring my card and that there can be no potential fraudulate activities on my card.  The other nice feature is that when you go on a cruise and use this card to pay for things on the cruise ship, you get double the points on your card for your next cruise....what a deal!!!   We use our card for all our purchases because we love to cruise and this allows us to be able to cruise more frequently.

Woodbine, GA


Barclays Bank of Delaware - Carnival World MasterCard

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