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Barclays Bank of Delaware - BJ's Visa Card

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Great credit card if you are a frequent BJ's shopper


I frequently shop at BJ's Wholesale Club so it made sense to open a BJ's Visa Card. The reason I opened this card was for the 2% back on all BJ's purchases. It made sense to receive an additional 2% back due to the number of times per year I shop at BJ's. While 2% is not a huge amount of money, it certainly does add up over time. I have been very satisfied with the BJ's Visa Card. I find that their customer service representatives are very helpful with I have a billing or credit card question. I also find that the website is very easy to understand and navigate. It is always very easy to tell how much I owe, when my bill is due, and other details about my monthly statement. I also like that I earn 1% cash back on all other purchases when I use my BJ's Visa Card. Overall, I am very impressed with this store credit card and use it on a regular basis. BJ's is a great company and their credit card is a great way to save a little bit of money each month.



If you belong to BJs, get their credit card


As a member of BJs warehouse club, I was bombarded with their credit card offer when I joined. I decided to sign up for the card and was approved. This credit card through Barclay's Bank is a VISA credit card, It is accepted wherever VISA is accepted. I earn one point for all purchases and double points at BJs stores. I now make it a point to get my gas at BJs because then I get double points for filling up my tank. The points easily add up for BJs coupons that come with your statement. Each month I receive a $20 BJs coupon. This is essentially cash back as I am shopping there anyway. I make sure to pay off this card in fullas it has higher rates than I would like. It does not maje sense to carry a balance. This card has online banking benefits. It is easy to pay the bill online and check the balance. I also receive a paper bill in the mail and that is where the coupon is located after hitting 2000 points.

Avon, NY


Barclays Bank of Delaware - BJ's Visa Card

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