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Barbizon LIGHTSPEED Wrench

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Lighting technicians can't live without it!


Specifically made for theatrical lighting technicians, this ratchet-style wrench has three different sized sockets that fit almost all nuts and bolts on common lighting instruments used in live event production.  The largest socket fits most through-bolts on C-clamps and T-bars, as well as some truss connections.  The second largest socket fits most C-clamp and Mega-clamp bolts.  The smallest socket is designed for C-clamp set screws. This really is a time-saving tool, as it eliminates your need to reset your adjustable C-wrench for each individual bolt on a lighting instrument, and speeds up your ability to hang, focus, and strike instruments. The downsides to the wrench are that it doesn't fit every bolt you might find (older instruments, other truss connections, etc.) and there is no immediate way to tie off the tool to your belt at heights (I've attached a small shackle to mine to overcome this problem).


Virginia Beach, VA


Barbizon LIGHTSPEED Wrench

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