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Barbie Rolling Storage Container

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nice barbie





Finally! Somewhere to put all my Barbies!


My daughter LOVES Barbie dolls.  She is constantly getting more Barbie "stuff" -- dolls, clothes, shoes, teeny-tiny little accessories, etc.  They end up all over the house!  We tried various options to keep things organized, easy to clean up, and all together.  The over the door storage was a good idea but she could not reach most of the pockets.  There was a rolling suitcase type of storage container but no way was it big enough!  We also used a variety of tupperware and other plastic containers and baggies.  Then one day ... TA-DA!  We found the perfect solution!!!  A larger Barbie storage tub! This has been great!  It is big enough to hold ALL of her Barbie dolls with room for more!  There are smaller compartments on the top to hold clothes and accessories. The tib is on wheels and has a handle for easily pulling it around.  And, at least in my daughter's opinion, the big bonus is that it is pink!  Although we do still need other plastic containers to hold clothes and accessories because the compartments arenot large enough to hold them all. Overall, though, this has been the best option we have found.  Since we got this, I haven't tripped over nearly as many Barbie's which have been left lying around!  I do still find the occasional teeny-tiny accessory though!  

Kernersville, NC


Barbie Rolling Storage Container

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