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Barbie Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Kit - White/Brown

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Adorable puppy.


My two-year old daughter received the Barbie Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Kit this past Christmas. It's one of her favorite toys. She loves puppies in general, so right there she liked it, but the puppy also makes sounds (bark, whine, pant), which elevated it to favorite. She'll sit for a decent amount of time and play with it pretending to feed it and give it a shot or take its temperature or carry it around with her. It comes with the puppy, pink carry bag and several accessories including a stethescope, thermometer, bottle, shot, bone and prescription pad. The puppy is very soft and silky and is absolutely adorable. It's also a good size, about 10-inches long or so. For a toy with a "talking box" inside, it's not too heavy for a little one to carry, either. It makes different sounds if you touch it's back, head and front paws. The carrier has a large main compartment that the puppy travels in and a smaller pocket in front for the accessories. Despite the brand, there's no Barbie doll with this toy. I don't have anything against Barbies, but our daughter is still a little too young for them yet.

Oakland Gardens, NY


Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor gets lots of play time!


**Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Set** The Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor is a big hit really from ages 4 to 9.  The best part of all of course is that there is absolutely no Barbie doll involved in this set.  The Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor Set is perfect for animal lovers and future vets or medical professionals.  This set really does encourage dramatic play and nurturing skills. **The Barbie Hug N Heal Doctor Set comes with:** -the sweetest puppy -a carrier case -certificates and charts -a stethoscope -several toy medical tools -a bone The puppy really is sweet and fun to carry around but what kids really love are the sounds.  Hold the stethoscope up to the puppy and really hear a heart beat.  Puppy makes drinking and panting sounds and the bone is magnetic so that puppy can hold on. ***My Viewpoint: *** I've watched boys and girls of all ages enjoy playing with the Barbie Hug N Heal Pet Doctor set.  Kids love "caring" for their puppies and "listening" for the sounds puppy makes.  The great news is that this toy makes interesting sounds but is never loud.  You won't go looking for a volume button on this one.  My only qualm is that the fabric carrier could be sturdier but my kids have put the puppy in everything from American Girl doll carriers, Diego's animal rescue carriers, to strollers and wicker baskets.  This Barbie toy gets an A plus for encouraging sweet and caring play.   

Big Island, VA


great for the little vet in your family


The Barbie hug and heal kit is so cute. My daughter pretends she is a real vet with this cute little brown and white plush puppy. She pretends shes taking exrays and puts him to bed. She loves using her imagination pretending puppy broke his leg then she reads the xray and bandages the puppy up. She loves taking his temperature and pretending she is cooking him hero biscuiy dog treat supreme soup.  When our daughter is playing with him as he is in bed recovering she pretends shes giving him his bones and talks to him at times its so cute as he communicates back at her sounding just like a real puppy. I know when she is playing with him because our dog starts wining and barking actually believing their is another dog in her room.   Just for fun one day I decided to play with this puppy with my daughter . She was pretending she was giving him a bath and she had to play dr with him because he got soap in his eyes and needed to be treated.  So she treated him and released him and I put him in the pretend bath again but this time I grabbed him and said help help cant dog paddle. Then I asked my daughter if she knew what to do . So I showed her mouth to mouth resesatation pretending to blow in puppies mouth and showed her how to count and push on puppies chest. Now she really plays the dr withthis puppy and Im hoping shell rember all the time when shes a bit older in swimming lessons how to save someone.. she plays with him and made him a blanket to keep her promise of keeping him warm and snuggly  This cute little puppy responds to feeding  touch and his accessories he sounds almost like a real little puppy it comes with a stethescope thermometer milk bottle syringe bone certificate and perscription pad the puppy comes in a very pretty plush pink carrier that fits the puppy and accessories to take him with you whereever you go this is a great toy fo give that special little girl who loves playing vet or dr it increases active play and imagination my little girl plays with him and takes him to school for sharing but note hide the bandages just kidding he is for ages 3 and up and does come with 3aaa batteries hes really cute and seeing my daughters happiness is well worth the money for it

Bemidji, MN


Barbie Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Kit - White/Brown

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