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BarTec Blender BTC-229

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This is a powerful blender & gets the job done efficiently...


I like this blender a lot, however the only problem I have with any blender I have ever used is that they are just too noisy (which is why I do not like to use them in the first place). Outside of the noise this BarTec Blender BTC-229 makes the ice into a very nice crushed pattern that is perfect for drinking any kind of frozen drink (such as a margarita, daiquiri, protein shake, etc). Definitely buy one of these monsters if you make frozen drinks or shakes often because this gets the job done in short order. Highly recommended.

Hermosa Beach, CA


Your party will lst longer than the blender will.


I purchased the BarTec blender at a restaurant supply store and was told that it would efficiently make smoothies that used crushed ice in making drinks.  (I burned up my old Kenmore 30 year old blender making drinks.)  I followed all the instructions and was careful to break up the ice to an acceptable crush (pieces under 1/2 inch as per the salesperson).  My typical recipe is a cup of crushed ice, 1/3 C of protein powder and a cup of water.  After 3 months this one is shedding black powder above the motor housing.  It doesn't have the staying power I wanted.  I would not recommend that anyone buy this blender if you want to make drinks with ice in them.  I specifically bought it because it was supposed to be used in a restaurant/bar setting where they make crused ice drinks many times on a daily basis.  Plus, it was so loud that I had to use protective ear wear or go deaf.  When this blender bites the big one on my countertop, I will NOT replace it with the same brand. 

Everett, WA


BarTec Blender BTC-229

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