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Banquet Peach Pie

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Surprise! Good Little pies


I have tried both the peach and cherry berry pies. They are small but amazingly good. I add a sugar and cinnamon topping as I would with a homemade pie. This is a perfect dessert for a large meal.

Council Grove, Kan.


Inexpensive But The Taste Is Questionable


The first time I saw the dessert pies from Banquet I wasn't sure what to make of them; they are packaged like their regular chicken and beef pot pies but are individual dessert round pies. While I love the pot pies (even though they are high in sodium) the dessert version leaves a little to be desired. They are frozen so you need to keep them frozen until you plan on making them; this is a huge problem because if they become partially thawed then get put back in a freezer it is going to cause the crust to taste horrible. I have cooked these in my regular oven as well as in the toaster oven and had mixed results. If you want to improve the taste of them you can add some butter to the top of it when it has started to defrost and cook. After that add a mix of cinnamon and sugar. So far I have bought and cooked both the peach and apple pies. The apple tastes a little better than the peach but both of them need a little work to make them presentable as a dessert.



Great with Ice Cream


I love these Banquet mini peach pies, they have taken an all time favorite and made it smaller. These pies taste incredible, the crust is sweet and flaky and the filling is thick and and stuffed full of peaches. I usually top these pies with a scoop of ice cream.



Banquet Peach Pie

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