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Bank of America - Royal Caribbean Platinum Plus Visa Card

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Employees Lie About CC Terms!


I signed up for this card while on board the ship with the assurance that it was interest free for 12 months. Employees from multiple stores on the ship told me this as well as the NextCruise employee who had me fill out the application. Come to find out, I received the card and no such promotion exists. Bank of America won't honor it and wants its 18.74% and Royal Caribbean doesn't know anything about who is in charge of the NextCruise people that have the applications. Nobody returns phone calls or emails and I am just on the hook to pay off a card I thought I would have 12 months to pay off.

Marina, CA


Only if you want to Cruise on this line.


After 2 wonderful Royal Caribbean cruises, I signed up for this card to get dollar to dollar points for "cruise credit" which I could redeem on my next cruise. However the point value system really isn't a good deal. When I went to book my cruise through Royal Caribbean in October and didn't get any extra "perks" in the cruise rate by having the card, I stopped using it. The "cruise credit" is dollar/dollar, no extra percentages for gas, dining, etc. The credit can only be used for "ship board credit" so if circumstances don't permit, you lose everything. Also of importance, it is only good on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and their other high end ship. We booked a RC cruise to use the points, but it's really not where we wanted to go! The Customer Service call center is very good, courteous and punctual. The statements are clear and accurate. Excellent Security Protection. I had fraudulent activity, a gas station stole my credit card number at the pump and BOA called to ask about the charges within minutes of the charge. Apparently someone was trying to make a large internet purchase on a Sunday with my card for a vendor that I never used and looked "suspicious". Excellent Security Protection. Although I would not have been responsible, I am glad they caught this right away. I have all transactions now immediately sent to my cell phone and a block for those over $250. You can set this up however you prefer. High Rate. Even with stellar credit, my card has a 13% rate, too high for those who don't pay in full every month. There is also a substantial fee for "overseas" transactions, including purchasing anything from Canada (in my case medication). My balance transfer rate is 6%, higher than the norm. Again, can ONLY recommend if you are loyal to Royal Caribbean, but you might want to consider another "cash back" card and use the money for any line you choose.

Wimauma, FL


Good luck redeeming!!!


Was planning on using points toward a free 7day oceanview cruise with an upgrade to a Junior Suite. I was told on multiple occasions that I could use the quoted minimum oceanview rate as a credit toward the more expensive stateroom. When the time came to actually cash in the points I was informed that the policy had changed and my quoted value would no longer be honored. After a lengthy discussion with a "supervisor" it was agreed that they would honor a lower quote but make up the difference with a onboard credit. Problem solved? Not so fast. When the agreed upon credit never showed up on the credit card statement, I called back. After another lengthy discussion I was forwarded to another "supervisor" who instructed me that the previous agreement was in error and would not be honored. Bare in mind that 125,000 points have already been deducted from my account! I was told I could either take the points as a cruise discount at about half of the agreed quote credit or rebook the cruise (now more well than double the original price)! I said that I would need to talk to the next level of supervisor. After about another half hour on hold, I was told that a supervisor would review the file, make a decision, and get back to me IN A WEEK OR SO!!! I need to take a cruise just to recover from the aggravation of trying to use my points! Steer way clear of this card. Points are only worthwhile if you can use them. BTW, you should always be suspect of a review thread when the top review is very positive and the next 4 or 5 are rotten! Available Rates Rates okay, too bad the points are worthless.



Why have any other card


My husband and I got this creidt card in March of 2003.  Since we received it we have used it numerous times.  Granted my husband owns a business so we could take advantage of it.  The card is wonderful since it has no annual fee and when you use it you get 1 cruise point per dollar.  I use it just to buy milk.  We charge everything.  We are very disciplined when it comes to this., We do no pay interest and why would you not have a card that gives you something back.  When you use it towards royal Caribbean purchases such as the cruise and your amenities on the ship you get double the points.  Wehave had no problems with this card and when we felt the was an issue all we had to do was call them up and they would take care of the problem for us.  So far we have turned in about 600,000 points and have had no problems getting the coupons in the mail to turn them in to Royal Caribbean.  Last march my daughter and I took a 12 nitht cruise and it cost us $1 Per person.  Since there is no annual fee and the interest I believe is low, i never ask since we never pay any, I do not understand why people would not take advantage of this wonderful card.

Duanesburg, NY


Points impossible to use. Promised points not credited.


The ad seems great: 15,000 bonus points on first purchase can be used for $150 shipboard credit. I signed up for it 4 months before a cruise (by clicking directly on the ad that promised those points), thinking that would allow plenty of time for this credit.  It took about a month to get the card and use it and get the first statement, which was supposed to have 15,000 points.  But no, B of A only gave me 5,000 points.  I spent 2 more months arguing on the phone with them that they owe me another 10,000 points but they said I was not eligible for any promotional points.  B of A said that since their research department decided that no other points were due, that was their final decision and there is no further recourse. So I decided to redeem the 5000 points (worth $50 of credit)... the other scam is the redemption method.  RCCL has a popup ad on their site saying "it's easy to redeem your points"... but you have to call B of A first to get a certificate issued and mailed which for some reason takes up to 4 weeks, then you have to mail that to RCCL to have them process it, and who knows how long that will take.  And supposedly the certificates expire after 6 months.  In other words, not worth the effort and you must do this WAY in advance if you have any chance of getting any use out of it at all. I'm closing ALL my B of A accounts because of this, as soon as I get that certificate (if it ever shows up).

Pasadena, CA


BofA Royal Caribbean Card appears to be a scam !


"REDEEMING CRUISE CREDITS FROM  BANK OF AMERICA HAS BEEN IMPOSSIBLE"       After accepting a solicitation for the BofA Royal Caribbean Card and using it for five years, spending $50K dollars, in March I endeavored to redeem my certificate for 50K credits ($500. in ship redemption). To date I have spoken with nine employees of BofA  in an effort to apply my points to a cruise. Unfortunately I never received my Certificate in the mail. 'Lost they say' and Iam instructed to forward the Certificate # (which was given to me over the telephone) to the Travel Agent @ RC and that would solve everything. WRONG.  Royal Caribbean wants the Certificate and after four months Bank of America has ignored all communication from me to resolve the issue while the expiration time frame for the Certificate rapidly approaches. This entire scenario has taken on the scent of a deliberate scam.  There is no reason that a new Certificate cannot be issued with current time frame expiration dates. They have admitted that the previous Certificate #  has never been used.  For the first month I was constantly referred back to RC for resolution until finally someone at RC explained that the $500. Credit comes directly from BofA and that they are the only ones that can resolve the issue. Bank of America will not even return my calls !!!  I will attempt recourse thru communication with the Regulatory Commission for Banks and Consumer Advocate Agency.  Discovered this day on another web page that this particular card has been cancelled is no longer available from BofA........ REB

Perrysburg, OH


They make it really difficult to use rewards.


Royal Caribbean Visa Card entices you with their promises of free cruises, onboard credits, upgrades etc.but nowhere on their website does it tell how to go about collecting these rewards that you have earned. When I decided to book my cruise last month I called Royal Caribbean and asked if I could use some of my reward points. At first they told me that I could do this thru my travel agent then they said rules had changed and I couldn't do that anymore and they seemed uncertain just how these points could be redeemed. We decided to just book our cruise with our travel agent and try to use part of our rewards as an onboard credit. We called Bank of America and were told that because our cruise was in the middle of April they would not have time to send us the coupon - have us fill it out - return it to them and have them send it to Royal Caribbean. This can't be done in 6 weeks ???? They said not. I asked how long it takes and they said that it would take a couple of months at least. Fax ? They said no. I asked how long the coupons were valid - they said 6 months. This means that you would have to add at least another 2 or 3 months to your vacation planning process to in order for the coupons to be able to clear. There has to be any easier way.

Fort Pierce, FL


Former MBNA now Bank of America


I have what they call the Royal Caribbean Platinum Plus issued thru MBNA 3 years ago. Great perks such as On Board Credits on every cruise for the points you earn. $50 for every 5000 points. Any purchases from Royal Caribbeans (deposit on a cruise, final payment on a cruise, onboard charges while on a cruise, any purchases from their web site) get double points. Very happy with the card til I bought a clothes dryer & learned that there is no additional year warranty issued with the card. In fact hardly any perks besides the OBC. Even the upgrades are double the points with B of A.  Then I also learn that the rewrds are based on 1%.  5000 points = $50 OBC.Then April of 2007 the owner Al Lerner, who also owned the Cleveland Browns & built the beautiful lakefront stadium, dies & his son sells dad's company to Bank of America so he could buy a London soccer team. So January we get a notice that B of A is now the owner of our card. They term the phone reps as Account Managers. My billing date was the 6th of every month with MBNA but B of A is closed on weekends, so if the 6th is on thee weekend, then you are billed on Monday night. So not knowing this I payed off my account on 1/6/2007, as I do every month on the billing date, so my bill is -0- every month. I get home from a trip on the 10th to learn I have a $4.75 balance due to a charge I made on my billing date. I phoned to learn this & that B of A moved my billing date to the 7th & that was a weekend & they are closed, so I was billed Monday night. So I pay the $4.75. Next day my phone rings & it is an Account Manager from B of A telling me what an excellent customer I am with an excellent credit score & how B of A, being the new owner of our card, wants to keep their best customers happy tell me I am being upgraded to the RCCL Signature Visa. This has perks from $3,000 lost luggage coverage to total auto insurance on any rented car, not just the deductible being paid. There was over 13 perks. So yes I am interested. It will take 3 weeks to arrive since they have to move my Royal Points to the new card & I will still get the double points on all RCCL purchases. 2/5/2007 I get a thick envelope, but I don't feel any credit card from B of A. Inside is a letter telling me that the "card I applied for doesn't exist but I can fill out the attached application for a B of A Visa Signature card". I phone them to inquire since I didn't apply for any card I was being upgraded. They state no I wasn't. So I ask about the Account Manger who phoned me & they state it was an error.So the morning of 6/1/07 I call B of A to hear my balance. Believe it or not I am again told in the exact language of the 1/21/07 phone call, that I am being upgrade to a RCCL Visa Signature card. I stopped the gal telling her the card doesn't exits. She rudely tells me it does & if I don't want it she will hang up. So I ask for her Supervisor. He gets on & also tells me about the new card for excellent customers with excellent credit scores. I tell him I heard this lie in January & it was confirmed in February. He tells me it is new & I am one of the first to be getting this card with all the marvelous perks. So fine I want it. And sure enough 2 weeks later I get a phone call from Card Services Dept of B of A who tells me that I have not given the OK to delete my Royal Points since I am closing my RCCL Platinum Plus VISA for the B of A Visa Signature. Right there I am ticked! I tell her that I am their customer since MBNA was sold to them. I cruise RCCL 4 weeks a year & love being paid to do so. B of A isn't in the State of Ohio, they are not my bank, and I have been lied 2 by 2 Accounts Managers & a Supervisor & I want to put thru a complaint.  A month later I call on the complaint & they know nothing about it.  So I closed both the RCCL VISA & CELEBRITY VISA.  I learned from a friend that Norwegian Cruise Line has a Mastercard that pays 3% on everyday purchases & 4% on NCL purchases.  They are B of A but they sent me the cards overnight, no warranty extension, just 90 days against theft or damage.  So AMEX gets all warranty charges for the extra year & great security.

Cleveland, OH


Bank of America - Royal Caribbean Platinum Plus Visa Card

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