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Bank of America - Power Rewards Visa Signature Card

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Great customer service & buyer protection


I feel the annual fee of $75 is a little too expensive for what is provided to me.  I pay the balance off month after month and charge quite a few expenses on the card and the only benefit we receive or use are Airline miles.  In my employment, I know that what is placed on a card by a client is discounted to the vendor.  Bank of America earns a percentage of everything I charge and they never have to hassle with me on the payment of the bill.  You would think that as a good customer, I would be offered much more or charged much less for the card each year. Benefits of the card are that it is accepted at all places except Costco (bummer) and I receive airline miles and a companion ticket (one each year for a fee which has just increased in cost though much cheaper than a full ticket).  I've never been late on a payment so I don't know how they'll treat that one.  I've always been able to reach customer service and they've always been courteous. Thank goodness we used them when reserving a condo on vacation. The company lost the units & was refusing to return our deposit but BOA stepped in to save the day.

Palmer, AK


Bank of America Visa is an excellent credit card


The Bank of America Visa Signature Credit card is an excellent credit card.  I am very satisfied with the card.  I have a very low interest rate and I accrue reward points for every purchase that I make.  They have a very user friendly website that enables you to view past and current statements, purchases, past payment history and make your payment directly online to them with no additional charges.  Also, when you make your payment online to them it is credited immediately to your account.  For example, if your payment date is January 12, you can make that payment online January 12 and your payment is credited immediately.  When you wish to redeem the points that you have accrued, you just click on go to the redemption button and it immediately takes you to the redemption "booklet".  They have an extensive redemption booklet and you can redeem your points for merchandise, gift cards, cash in the form of a check that is mailed to you, cash that is directly put in your bank account, airline miles.  The gifts you can choose from are endless.  The redemption process is also very user friendly.  This card all around is just a great tool. 

Hornell, NY


Bank of America Customer Services is the best around.


Bank of America truly is one of the best cards I have in my wallet and always carry it in the front.  I can use this card for my everyday purchases to earn points.  I have chosen to pay this card in full every month so I put absolutely everything on this one.  I use it for coffee, groceries and gas.  I even put my utility bills on it.  I mean why not it is like they are paying me to use this card. For every dollar I spend Bank of America gives me one point.  Then I can use the points to redeem for cash back, airline tickets or merchindise.  I have only ever redeemed for cash.  50,000 points equals $500.00!  I love that I can log in online everyday to see what I have purchased and I can make payments with out a charge.  They have the best customer services.  They recognized how often I used my card and when I wore it out and wanted a new one as soon as possible they offered to ship the card to me overnight with out a charge.  They were great!

Unity, ME


Accepted everywhere and 1% Cash Back!


This was my first credit card, and I have been very happy with it. There was no interest for the first 6 months and every dollar spent equals 1 point. Once you accumulate 2,000 points you can trade it in for cash! That was the best part. Some rewards programs only let you trade in your points for gift cards and things like that. It's nice when you can just get cold, hard cash, so you can do whatever you want with it. I mean you can even use your rewards to help pay off this credit card! It's so great! I think 1% back is fair; it's certainly better than nothing, which is what most creditors offer, especially for those of us just reaching the credit card age that don't have any prior credit score. I have been very pleased with my decision to get this card. Bank of America is great with unauthorized charges too. They take care of it effectively and efficiently, so there's no sweating on your end. Overall a great card.

Tucson, AZ


Bank of America - Power Rewards Visa Signature Card

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