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Bank of America - Norwegian Cruise Line Platinum Plus MasterCard

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Cruise line credit card was a disappointment


On a recent NCL cruise they were encouraging passengers to take out a credit card that would reward you with points toward a future cruise. While this sounded great it turned out to be a big disappointment. By the time you pay the annual fee we figured out we would not charge enough that it would not result in very much money toward a cruise. Customer Service The cruise line was not well trained in the legal parts of this card. They were just pushing being able to get points toward cruises. When we got home and I spoke to the card service people I was informed that the card had a limit of points that one could earn in a year toward a cruise. Using their numbers , it would be almost impossible for us to get enough points that it would have been worthwhile. They were very nice and cancelled the card for us. Available Rates We have found that the Interest rates on these travel cards are higher than with other credit cards so it was not a surprise when we found that this cards was no different. You pay dearly for those points if you are paying the annual fee and interest as well.

Peoria, AZ


Don't use this card!


The card has a cap per year of 1000 points earned --- Stick with your card that allows you to be fulling rewarded for your spending. You can only get points back at 500, 1000, 1500 --- this card is a rip!  I also don't see it offered anymore on the NCL website!  

Burke, VA


3% Cashback.............. Get Paid to Cruise!


After harassments with B of A with a Royal Caribbean Platinum Plus Visa with no perks I was not too eager to open another card with B of A.  The cash back in way of free cruises, upgrades or On Board Credits (OBCs) were cut major amounts.  So not worth the card. Then my TA tells me that Norwegian Cruise lines, now a division of Apollo Gaming, is the owner of the card.  They have Purchase Assurance (Theft or damage for 90 days of purchase - Police Report needed) they have car rental insurance for rentals, but that only pays the deductible on your own auto insurance.  So I called to inquire.  Totally different staff for the NCL Mastercard., maybe Mastercard is superior to VISA.  I was told they pay 3% cash back for everyday purchases & 4% for NCL charges (deposit, cruise payment, onboard charges, any purchases from their web site).  I can get an upgrade from inside cabin to a better inside cabin, or an oceanview to a better oceanview.  Won't be for us since we purchase BA Aft for our cruises & BA is the best balcony NCL has.  They do not upgrade to suites.  But I can get $500, $1000, $1500., $2000, $2500, or $3000 off my cruise fare.  If paid in full they will credit the card.  Now I am very interested.  So I called the number on NCL web site.  They have me with excellent credit so I was given the card instantly & it was sent overnight air via Fed Ex.  This service was far superior to RCCL Platinum Plus VISA.  Only bad part is NO EXTENDED WARRANTY.  I bought Sonicare toothbrushes ($170) and no extended warranty on them.  I phoned Mastercard Int'l & they tell me the bank issues the perks for the card, so do not purchase warranty items with it since it is only covered against theft or damage within 90 days. Our April cruise to Bermuda will get a $500 credit on it, and this is far superior to the $50 OBC of RCCL.  THANK YOU NCL!!!!!!!!  

Cleveland, OH


3% cashback on regular purchases, 4% on Norweigian purchases


I love rewards credit cards but many start out terrific and then turn into nothing for you.  Discover was 1% for first $1000 in charges & then 5% after that.  THAT WAS MY FIRST CREDIT CARD some 30 years ago, now you can get 5% on gas purchases but no more than $100 in charges, so $1200 a year at 5% is $60 annually  Pretty Lousy!  I have AMEX BLUE since they are they only credit card that covers the warranty on a purchase up to 5 years with an addition year for FREE.  But you get 1 point for every $1 you spend for miles in air, hotel stays, dinners or other promos they have, Royal Caribbean has a B of A card that is also Platinum Plus but VISA.  But you get 1% on purchases, 2% on RCCL purchases..  Many agree with me that is pretty poor.  So we all got the Norweigan cruiseline with 3% for purchases & 4% for Norwegian purchases such as deposit on a cruise, cruise final purchase packages, onboard charges or excursions or goodies from their web site, etc.  You can get upgrades such as inside to a better inside, oceanview to a better oceanview.  A BA will not upgrade to a suite I am told.  But for 500 points, get $500 off cruise price.  Same is 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 points for dollars. Great card with a great cruiseline, so join me.........

Cleveland, OH


Bank of America - Norwegian Cruise Line Platinum Plus MasterCard

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