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Bank of America - Goldpoints Plus Visa Card

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it is a great card to have


I have the Goldpoints plus Visa.  You get points for Carlson Hotels which is County Inn and Suites.  You don't have to stay 10 nights before you get a room.  Rooms go for as little as 5000 points when used with cash.  Other rooms go for as little as 1500 points.  The credit card can be used for grocery shopping, electric bills, internet payment, all utilities, restaurants, concerts anywhere a Visa card can be used.  The card is easy to use and you collect points every-time you use the card.  But you get extra points when you stay at a Country Inn and Suites and Radissions.  Both of these hotel chains are two of the best hotel chains I have ever stayed.  County Inn and Suites and Radissions are both consistent from hotel to hotel.  County Inn and Suites has a loan library and a full breakfast with great waffles and other breakfast food.  At many of the hotels they have bacon and sausage.  Radission is a luxury hotel.  Both hotels have free internet.  I feel like I am a valued customer when I stay at County Inn and Suites and Radissions.

Boone, NC


Bank of America - Goldpoints Plus Visa Card

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