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Bank of America - Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus

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Good easy rewards system from Bank Of America Financial Rewards


The Bank of American Financial Rewards Visa is a good card with a good rewards system. Unlike other cards that make you obtain rewards that you might not ever use or need (gift cards for a specific retailer, etc), with this Bank of America card you can request your rewards as a credit right on your credit card statement. This means that you can get $25 off the amount the you owe the card company when you cash in 2,500 points. It's very easy to manage and maintain. The Bank of America website is also easy to use. You can pay your credit card bill directly from the website, see how many rewards points you've accumulated, you can apply the rewards points to the balance on your card by redeeming them, see the due date, request a credit card line increase and more. I've been happy with the Bank of America card. I had an issue that required customer service once and they were helpful and courteous as well.

Marks, MS


Bank of America - Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus

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