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Bank of America - Choice Privileges Visa Card

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Earn points for free hotel stays from shopping


I signed up for the Bank of America - Choice Privileges Visa Card a few years back. I signed up basically to get reward points to help me receive enough points to get free nights on hotels stays. I receive 2 points for every dollar spent on a choice privilege hotel room and 1 point on all other purchases. I have received 3 free nights so far from using my Choice Privileges Visa Card and here soon it would make number 4.

Cincinnati, OH




I have two business accounts with BOA and also a BOA credit card account with them - thinking one stop shopping... On multiple occasions, BOA credit card company has to cancel my card because they have put my CC at risk and had to re-issue another card immediately. BOA did not call me but would just cancel and re-issue me a new card each time. I have to call them to see why my card can't be utilize and they always says to use the BOA Debit Card in the mean time... When a merchant doubled book my meal charge, however, on the BOA Debit Card since I can't use the BOA Credit Card because of BOA, and I tried to get BOA to assist helping to fix the problem - it is nearly impossible to get anyone that knows what to do or how to dispute the charge. I was told to call the merchant myself. I was on the phone with 10 BOA people today because they don't know how to transfer the phone to claim - and keep getting hang up on..., and asked them to take my number if they disconnect me again (they all agreed they would) and no one ever called me back. I spoke with a Nina/Supervisor, she also said she would stay on the line but Nina too could not transfer the phone to claim department correctly and never called me back to follow up. I finally got another manager, Bill Domingus, on the phone to complain about the madness I had to go through-but he can't do anything for me. I was told I had to contact the merchant myself, and Bill Domingus/Supervisor said there is no manager that I can talk to above him and no one can call the customer back because the call center has no call-out capability. He would not help me and he didn't care if the phone call was recorded or if I close my accounts with BOA... SO that is exactly what I am going to do next.... Bunch of IDIOTS!

San Diego, CA


Hotel point are the value; not the vendor points


When we are planning to stay out and do not have enough points for room nights the card gets used exclusively. However, when we are points rich,  it is better to use the Discover card.  Choice Privilege Points exchanged for non-hotel night services and products are significantly less  than 1% of the purchases made.

Baldwinsville, NY


I love getting 15 points per dollar spent at Comfort Inn


I enjoy this credit card and use it to charge regular contributions.  I get one point per dollar spent and I can redeem as little as 6000 points for a free one night stand.  I have never paid interest on this account because I pay it off each month.  I use the card everywhere that Visa is accepted and particularly like using it on internet purchases.  Whenever, I need to call customer service on this card they do an outstanding job resolving an issue.  I have had the card for many years and do not have to pay an annual fee.  I am not sure of the interest rate charged because I do pay it off each month.  I like the fact that it is a well known brand and the points can be used at the large chain of hotels including Sleep Inn.  I understand that Bank of America might begin charging an annual fee for customers who pay their bill each month.  In that case I would definitely cancel my credit card.

Weatherford, TX


Love this credit card-- I use mine for everything!


I've had the Choice Privledges Bank of America Visa card for several years now and have earned lots of free hotel stays with it.   The points expire after 2 years, so you have to watch for that and use them up before then, but for the occasional weekend traveler, it has come in very handy for us.  It is easy to reserve hotel stays over the phone or the internet, and we have stayed at 3 different hotels over the years using free stays.  We have a favorite one in the Chicago area that we have gone to at least 5 times now and stayed for free every time.  Since we use a credit card for almost everything (and pay the balance in full each month) the points add up fast for us.  Paying the balance in full means that the hotel stays are truley free for us... no interest or fees from the credit card. The statements are easy to read, and the people in customer service have all been very helpful any time I have had to call about anything. 

La Porte, IN


The Choice Privileges Visa card is the only visa card you need!


We have had a Bank of America Choice Privileges Visa card for many years.  We absolutely love the card and would recommend it to anyone else!  We have earned quite a few free motel nights over the years.  In fact, we have had so many family and friends very impressed by all the free nights we have earned.  We charge just about everything to our credit card (i.e., groceries, Walmart, medical bills, utilities, etc., etc.), and then pay it off every month.  The key is to not carry a balance on your credit cards, because then you have to pay a LOT in interest!  This makes it easy for us to only have to pay one bill a month (which we pay online now rather than having to write a check!), rather than a whole bunch through the month.  It makes our book keeping so easy! If anyone is looking for a great credit card that earns great rewards, this is the one for you!  Choice Hotels has many motels in their chain, and most cities have at least one Choice Hotel.  We love the card, and hope you will too!

Warsaw, IN


choice hotels credit card has great benefits!


my husband and i have had the choice hotels rewards credit card for about five years now and we love it.  we only use credit cards for large purchases to avoid debt, so we got this to earn the benefits of the rewards program.  whenever we stay at choice hotels (which are really great hotels, by the way) we use this card and it earns us even more points.  when we accumulate enough points on this credit card, we end up cashing the points in for a free night or two at a motel.  just this past fall, we took our kids over to pigeon forge (less than an hour away) for a mini family vacation weekend.  it was so wonderful to be able to stay in a nice 2 bed suite for free.  and of course the hotels all have continental breakfast, so that saves even more money!  i would highly recommend this to anyone who travels a lot or would enjoy having a bit of a free family vacation once in a while.  we've had no problems with the credit card either!

Knoxville, TN


Best card for free nights!!


This card is the best for getting free hotel stays. If you stay with choice hotels alot, you will love this card. After being I approved I got 24,000 points which was enough for 3 free nights. No blackout dates. You can use your points anytime for hotels or redeem points for gift cards to use for restraurants, shopping, etc. All I can say is apply today!!

Memphis, TN


Bank of America - Choice Privileges Visa Card

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