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Bank of America - Accelerated Rewards American Express

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The Card that Can't be Used Everywhere!


Bank of America usually does a good job when it comes to getting credit cards from them, but this one is an exception to the rule. They jacked up my APR and on top of that, I had significant issues actually using the card. I don't know exactly why, but many stores still don't accept the American Express cards. It must be due to some fee that the stores have to charge to use that particular brand and there unwillingness to accept the charge. Customer Service Customer service through Bank of America is and always has been great to me. They are able to answer all of your questions and really do try to keep you a loyal customer. Available Rates The rates are not that great as far as the APR. It all matters on what your credit score is. I did have a really good credit score when I applied and my APR was still higher than I would have liked it to be. You really have to want this card in order to deal with the high APR and lack of ability to use everywhere.



I am disappointed with BOA credit card.


I applied for a Bank of America credit card many years ago and received it.  At the time my interest rate on the card was 9%, which was good.  Over the years I kept applying for an increase in the credit limit and they were approved.  Recently my limit increased to $31000.00 and further increases were denied.  I have always paid my bill on time, never did I pay late.  My problem is a few months before the new credit card law came out, bank of america increased their credit card rate.  I believe this was done because they know of the new law.  I have called bank of america and ask them to decrease my interest rate and they have refused to do so, which I believe is unfair. Because bank of america has refused to work with me, I have had to close my cards, they have placed me on a payment plan, because my payments went from $500 to over $700, which I cannot afford, also they have decrease the interest rate to 4.5% to allow me to make the payments.  Overall, bank of america american express is a good card, however, I think they allow the consumer to increase their limit too much and they tend to increase their interest rate, even though you pay your payments on time.  

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Bank of America Amex World Points card is not for everyone


The card itself is fine, it's the customer service from this company that stinks.  I have never been late on a payment and have always paid more than the minimal balance.  I had a quick question regarding the "posting dates" and how they were figured to make sure I would not be late on a payment.  The customer service representative I spoke to was probably one of the rudest people I have ever spoken to.  Not only did she insinuate that I would be late on a payment (hence the reason for the call regarding posting dates), she threatened that the account would be in default of the original agreement and the interest rate would sky rocket and I would assume all the interest.  When I originally opened the card it was for 0% for 12 months.  Trying to explain again that I was trying to lock down the posting dates as TO NOT BE LATE in advance of my due date and just confirm that I was reading the information about it accurately, I asked to speak to a supervisor who could have cared less that this person was so rude.  I have since paid off the balance and have closed the card.  In these tough times, having rude staff does not help keep business!

Coventry, RI


It is my constant companion


During a trip to  my local branch of the Bank of America a friendly bank represntative smiled broadly after dealing with some issues I had with bank account fees.She told me I must have a superlative financial record as I qualified for an Accelerated Cash Reward Credit Card  through Bank of America.She explained it was an American Express card.Indeed I do have an outstanding credit history having never paid a penny of interest and had absolutely no debt.My home and 2 late model cars are paid off.Since I was piqued by her remarks and had never had an AMEX card I said I might be interested.     I am very conservative so I was going to listen carefully and ask penetrating questions as needed.She explained it would have no interest for 6 months.That meant little to me as I pay all my cards in full when received.I then asked her about an annual fee which would have been a deal breaker.With a broad smile she said there were no    annual fees.So far so good but why is it so special?She then explained the rewards program   and that is what sold me.I would get 1.25% rewards on every purchase with certain purcahses earning more.That beat  the rewards on my other credit cards so I closed the deal .Another wonderful feature is that the purchases and balances are posted along with my Bank of America accounts online.I have been able to see exactly what I have charged and then I have been able to pay off balances  at my command by transferring funds from my accounts online.This is about as user friendly as one can get.I have found that 98% of merchants accept the card.I have been using it exclusively as my constant companion for any credit card purchase.We normally buy about $600 in groceries each month and I used to use a debit card.Now I must make the gargantuan effort to sign my name with the reward of $7.50 extra income every month.That is easy money.I just bought a treadmill for $800.I pocketed $10 merely  by using my new credit card.I had been a constant user of a debit card for the last few years but now I happliy am a constant user of my wondrful credit card.Over the last few years I have been throwing money away  but   now I am gathering dollars upon dollars.With groceries,clothes,hotel bills,plane bills and all the   many other hundreds of  other things I will use my new card for In the next decade I could easily garner Thousands of dollars for free.I am very happy in every way with the handy Bank of America American Express Accelerated Cash rewards card.  

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Terrible card..RUDE&lazy customer service..I warn you,do not use


The Bank Of America, American Express card is a **terrible card**.  They do not work with their customers in the least bit and treat you as if they don't care about your business.  They are rude and post your payments late without your contol.  For instance, I have never had a late payment in my life and suddenly I get this card and I have a late payment.  Even though the money was taken out of my checking, it did not post till the day after it was due.  Very shady business they run.  I warn all people **not to use** their Bank Of America American Express card.  And if you are thinking about getting it, it's not worth the points, that they don't show you anyway.  Believe me, you have to go onto a seperate website to view it and there are conditions on them.  Use anyother card than your American Express, I warn you!  They do not deserve to stay in business...

New York, NY


Bank of America - Accelerated Rewards American Express

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