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Band-Aid, Liquid
Band-Aid Single Step Liquid Bandage

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Bandaide Single Step Bandage is insible, visable to cure


The age has come! Bandaide Single Step Bandage is the answer for the simple wound.  Imagine, spray and never touch a wound, which you don't know it's origin and allow the injured to feel digified and know they are receiving the best care! Yikes, all those dirty blood dried or wet peices of fabric laying in a place where anyone could accidentally touch and possibly receive an unknown illness.  Especially young children who are so curious and danger is one hand held away. Keeping  the wound clean dry, even when showering,  unintentially not spreading what they might have obtained  from someone who has not been so responsible as they have to simply spray on the injured area and have instant protection from unwanted bacteria. The spray has a remarkable curable rate. Quickly to spray and know the instant you do the germs are instantly covered, on there way to a quick cure.  This is the thanks we give to users of this new and safe medical OTC product! This makes the Bandaide user, very responsible for themself or another.  Latex is a known, deadly alleregen often used in medical products.  If the injured doesn't have any ID warning they are allergic to "latex" they can go into anaphalatic shock and instantly die. Eco and consumer friendly, another plus for this product.  Most importantly, it is the reponsible way to handle a quick cure for the injured party and make anyone around them feel the heal is on! 

Trenton, NJ


this stuff really works!


i have used Band-Aid brand "liquid bandage" ever since it hit the market! at first, i thought it was kind of over-rated & that it wasn't much better than a normal bandage but i've found out it really is some great stuff! i like to work on my 1955 chevy at home in my spare time & i always end up w/ scapes & cuts on my hand..it really sucks! especially when u are always washing your hands & it can make the cut worse..but NOT WITH BAND-AID LIQUID BANDAGE! it is waterproof & helps my cuts heal even faster! i love it! u should definetly try it! 

Pensacola, FL


Band-Aid single Liquid Bandage is a good product.


I have a younger son who is always rough housing and getting cuts, and scrapes so we used the Band-Aid Liquid Banages a-lot. This product is realiable and unlike regular bandages they don't fall off, and you save money by using less bandages.

San Antonio, TX


not use it again


My little one of 15 month old had an wound because of fungal infection. whenver she is in bath tub always starts itching on the wound, so i tried using J&J liquid bandage to avoid itching. But it has nit releaved my tension, wound was wet by water and became worse than previous.

Wilmington, DE


Band-Aid Single Step Liquid Bandage

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