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Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages Sheer Strips, Assorted, 130-1647, Box of 60

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Band-aids work great for our family


 I wonder how many band-aids a family of six goes through every year.  I guess enough so that we are almost always out, and wide spread panic erupts when our supply gets dangerously low.  These basic bandaids cover almost all of our family's needs.  From cut fingers, blisters, warts and abrasions, band-aids have us covered.  This particular brand won't take all your skin off when you have to remove it, and generally will not stick to itself when you are trying to apply one. I suggest having a box of these babies in the car, in the house and in your shed.  You are always going to need them, and you might as well have an extra box around so that when accidents happen you are ready. The brand name bandaids are, of course, a little more expensive than the generic.  This can be a problem when you have a ton of children and are going through a lot of band-aids.  However, the brand itself is definitely worth the extra cost.

Lewiston, ID


Band-Aid assorted pkg will cover family for all band-aid needs


Band aid assorted bandages come in four different sizes, big bandaids to little band aids..and I have used almost everysize at least once.  Its nice to have different sizes in one box instead of buying different boxes of band-aids.  The outside of the box shows you what size band-aids are in the box and how many band-aids per size are in the box, so you can look on the box and decide if you would want those size band-aids or if you would want different ones.  These band-aids since they are sheer breath a little bit better then the traditional band-aids, the pad in the center of the band-aid does not stick to the skin, which is nice when you are taking a band-aid off a child.  The band-aid stays in place and does not slide down or come off.  They are easy to open and easy to apply to the affected area, and when it comes time to take them off they do not stick to the affected area. I would recommend these band-aids to friends and family.

South Jordan, UT


Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages Sheer Strips, Assorted, 130-1647, Box of 60

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