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Banana Boat
Banana Boat Ultra Defense Faces Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

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Great for high protection!


I used this Banana Boat Ultra Defense sunblock on a mission trip overseas. We were doing a great deal of work outside in an incredibly warm climate. I have fair skin so I needed something to really protect my face. This sunscreen did the trick. It worked wonders for my skin. I applied it in the morning when we left and then reapplied a couple times throughout the day. I did not burn at all while I was on the trip. It really works well at protecting the skin on your face. It also does not leave your pores clogged. I had a great experience with this sunblock and would definitely use it again. I recommend it for people who need high amounts of protection from the sun. Scent The scent is not bad. It definitely has a strong sunscreen scent to it but it does not smell bad. Absorption It did a good job at not leaving my skin feeling greasy. It also did not clog my pores after using it on my face. Longevity I was impressed with how long this lasted, especially on a sensitive area like your face. Effectiveness I found it to be highly effective. I did not burn at all while using it. Ease of Application Just rub it on your face!



Banana Boat Ultra Defense Faces Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion


I bought Banana Boat Ultra Defense Faces Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion because I thought it would be gentle on my face. It was more expensive than some of the other brand name sunscreen lotions, but I thought it would be worth it. Instead, about 10 minutes after I applied this, I ended up with an allergic reaction - a red, raised, itchy rash all over my face, neck (and on the palms of my hands where I forgot to wash the lotion off.) The skin around my eyes was so swollen that I had trouble seeing. And I should state that I have never had any allergies to anything, I've used lots of sunscreens over the years with no adverse effects, so this was quite a nasty surprise. I ended up having to take an expensive ten day treatment of prescription steroids and use an anti-itch cream. So I would not recommend this product at all - or - if you buy it, try a small amount on your arm or leg first. I don't want anyone to go through what I did.

Chesapeake, VA




Banana Boat has a great line of suncare products and I have enjoyed many of them over the years when we head to the beach. Banana Boat Ultra Defense Faces Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 is a great one for the face and my kids have loved it also. I always like to use a face sunscreen for the face, the others are just not the best as they tend to be so oily and greasy and when you head back home from a week at the beach your face is all broken out. So what is the use of not getting burned when you are going to be broken out instead? This is great for the face and absorbs quickly and does not cause breakouts. It is also soft and light and has a great smell. It has been great for my kids faces too which tend to be a little more sensitive and delicate. Scent Love the scent of banana boat products! One of my favorite things about them. Effectiveness Great, really protects from the suns harmful rays. Ease of Application Easy as pie to apply!

Minneapolis, MN


Light, Non-Greasy


I love this lotion! Aside from Neutrogena, it's the best facial sun block that I've found on the market for a decent price. The label says it's made with "organic botanicals" but that doesn't mean much. I'm not convinced that the entire bottle is organic, just one or two of the ingredients (which they feel allows them to write "organic" on the label). However, the smell is great and I believe that the quality is superb. My husband refuses to wear any lotion on his face unless it is odorless or very mild. This one has a mild odor and it's really pleasant. My biggest complaint is the size of the bottle for the price. But, there are none better on the market, either. I guess they make their money somehow. This can be purchased at any convenience store/Target that carries Banana Boat products. If you're lucky, you can watch for a sale and end up getting these for pretty cheap. I recommend a separate face/body lotion, especially if you're worried about the grease content on your face.

Lisle, IL


superb..cant live without it


I love bananaboat faces plus. I miss the faces range. I had collagen elastin for anti aging skin care. I tried the ultra defence but it made me dark skinned. I lve the faces range. I wish it wont go out of production.

Stamford, CT


Banana Boat makes wonderful product, this is always on my face


I love that it is oil free.  That is a must in hot weather.  I put this on daily if I am going to have sun exposure of any length.  I recommend this to anyone with fair skin, or who wants to protect their facial skin from over-exposure. In fact my fair-skinned 21 year-old son uses it too!

Vancouver, WA


This works great and stays on in the water


I use Banana Boat on myself and my 3 grandchildren.  In Phoenix, we definately need a good sunscreen, and this one is it!  I really like that it's waterproof.We spend a lot of time outdoors (swimming, rollerskating, going to the zoo, etc.) , and I feel confident this sunscreen will keep all of us from burning.

Phoenix, AZ


This Sun Screen is perfect for me!


This sunscreen is great because it protects me from sunburn but doesn't it irritate my eyes if I accidently rub them while wearing this product.  It goes on oil-free which keeps my sensitive skin from breaking out.  This is my second summer wearing it every day.   I would recommend this product to anyone concerned about their complexion and the sun. 

Crestwood, KY


Banana Boat Ultra Defense Faces Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

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