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Ban Invisible Solid - Vanilla Twist

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Great product with one hitch


This Ban deodorant and antiperspirant is extremely effective for me. The smell is somewhat pleasant. It is not overwhelming at all, and it lingers slightly for a while after application. Vanilla just isn't quite what I like. It lasts for a long time (as in, 24 hours of regular daily activity). It does a decent job of protection while during exercise, but not overly so. I have very sensitive skin, and I would always get an extremely itchy rash when I first started wearing deodorant. This is the the only deodorant that I have been able to find that does not have that side effect. In fact, I haven't had any negative side effects at all. The problem with using stick deodorant that I ran into is that I would get it on my clothes that I put on over my head. It would stand out a lot, especially if wearing a black shirt. It can't be quickly washed off, but has either be scrubbed by hand or washed in the washing machine. This is frustrating if you're in a hurry to get out the door and then have to change clothes because of it.



Fine if you JUST want a deodorant. Doesn't stop wetness!


***Quick View:*** I have never been one to perspire much at all. Even in intense heat, I tend to stay dry. My doctor once told me that is actually dangerous because my body will overheat but what can I do? I use antiperspirant/deodorant every day to be safe and found that most work pretty well even when I am exercising. **Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid** did NOT. ***My Take on Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid*** This new scent from ban is really fragrant.The scent is like butter cream. It has vanilla but also something more, like a foody scent. It's a nice change from the usual. the product comes in a white solid stick form that goes on invisibly. I received a free full sized sample of** Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid** in the mail and was eager to try it out. I used it a couple of times and thought it was decent. It didn't leave a lot of white residue on my clothing (It did leave a little.) and it smelled really good. But then...today I used **Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid** and ventured out to a meeting with a couple of real estate agents. We stood around a lot in a hot house as well as outside. To my dismay, I felt my arm pits getting damp. Granted, it WAS hot out but I have been in much hotter situations and been much more active and had never had breakthrough perspiration. By the end of the meeting, my short sleeved top was moist under the arms. YUCK. The deodorant part of the product worked fine (as far as I could tell). In fact, the scent actually became stronger as I became hotter. But it couldn't stop my perspiration and I am one of the lightest "sweaters" that I know. If it couldn't stop wetness for me, it won't be able to block wetness for those who perspire more heavily. Big disappointment! ***My Viewpoint*** **Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid** smells great and goes on smooth with no irritation. It effectively stops odors but it doesn't stop perspiration. There's nothing worse than standing there with wet pits trying to seem pulled together. I will probably use what I have on cooler days or around the house but I would never trust **Ban Vanilla Twist Invisible Solid **to strop perspiration when I go out or when I really need to be sure I will stay dry and composed. I'm amazed at how poorly this product performed for me! ***2 stars.***

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Ban Invisible Solid - Vanilla Twist

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