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Bamix Deluxe 2 Speed Handheld Blender

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A handy handblender


A handblender is a very useful household appliance. I frequently use a handblender straight on the kettle; you don't need a separate vessel and it helps a lot when you do the washing-up. Versatile Bamix Deluxe with accessories squeezes into small places. One of the biggest assets of the handblender is its fast usability. I have stand for my Bamix and I use it much more often than normal food processors from the closet. And in principle I don't need them anymore, because Bamix is so many-sided. I use Bamix for multiple tasks - to make mayonnaise, mashed potatoes or mincemeat. And it comes off great, although mashed potatoes has always some small goo bits. Bamix is a heavy handblender, but I think that it's easy to operate even for small-handed women. Bamix Deluxe represents famous Swiss quality. It has a strong motor with low power consumption and great blade design. And you can mix not only baby foods, but all kinds of foodstuffs with it.

Atlanta, GA


A nifty little kitchen gadget to have about.


I'm a cook and a baker; I cook almost all the meals for my household now. I purchased my BaMix at a Home and Garden show several years ago, and I would use no other brand. The four different attachments (blending, chopping, and aerating blades, plus a grinder) make the machine an excellent multi-tasker. It's compact, straightforward and easy to use. It's great for making single-servings of things like soup and whipped cream, but is powerful enough to handle large batches. The individual blades and grinder are machine washable, and most of the machine itself is submersible. There are a few downsides. It can occasionally be hard to clean if what you've been working with is sticky or thick, and the cord can get in the way. It also doesn't chop ice as well or as quickly as the description of the product says on a lot of websites. However, these downsides are negligible compared to how well the product works. It's well worth your money!

Centreville, VA


Bamix Deluxe 2 Speed Handheld Blender

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