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Ball Park
Ball Park Turkey Franks

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They Are Now GROSS!!!


I used to love these turkey franks. They tasted great alone as a snack or on a bun or in a sandwich, cut in half with some melted cheese. When they were on sale, I'd made sure to stock up, storing them in the freezer & defrosting them in the refrigerator as needed. At some point during the Pandemic, something changed in the processing of these once delicious franks. They smell different before & after cooking. They certainly do not have the same scrumptious taste that they used to have. They also have a distinctively putrid fragrance, and are very oily now. Whatever the manufacturers have done to change these once-great dogs, would they PLEASE go back to the old, far better quality we've come to depend on!?




Hot dogs done right


I have always enjoyed Ball Park as a brand, since I was a kid. I had never tried the Turkey Ball Park Franks until more recently though. We would generally buy the Beef Ball Park Franks which, are very good. I purchased the turkey version of these because me and my family try to select healthier versions of products when they are available. am glad we did. The turkey Ball Park Franks taste different from the beef mainly in the area of saltiness. They are much less salty and much less gassy than the beef version. The have a lighter taste and texture as well. They have the same high quality that would be expected form the Ball Park brand. They are actually less expensive than the beef version as well at my local grocer which , was quite a surprise to me because usually - as luck would have it, the healthier the food, the higher the cost. I am very satisfied with the taste, quality and texture of the turkey version and, I am glad we decided to try them in the first place. Ball Park definitely pulled this one off very well.




These franks are awesome!


My husband & I love hotdogs, but my doctor said we need to try the chicken or turkey franks. I decided to try the Ball Park Turkey Franks and I am so glad I did. They taste great and now hey are the only franks I buy. My grandkids love them too.


Bulger, PA


Ball Park Turkey Franks SENSATIONAL!


I had recently started on a diet and had been craving a good hot dog but had been avoiding it completely.  But then I remembered that Turkey sausage was better for you than beef sausage so I was looking for a brand to try out.  It did not disappoint.  It was completely delicious and when cooked on the george forman grill it was extremely flavorful.  I even forgot that it was turkey sausage!


Arlington, VA


Is it a copyright infringement if I exclaim YUMMO, Rachel?


Ballpark Turkey Franks are so good even my hot dog purist husband will eat one. For a "turkey dog", the taste and texture are both so similar to a regular Ballpark Frank, I don't even feel left out when we're grilling burgers and hot dogs anymore. :) If you're going to sample Turkey Franks, start here.    


Tionesta, PA


They plump like any Ball Park Franks when you cook them.


My brother and I recently discovered Ball Park Turkey Franks when they were on sale. We had some tortillas we had to use and we wanted some kind of meat and the Ball Park Turkey Franks were on sale for ninety-nine cents a package (they're the newest addition to the Ball Park line). We've used turkey hot dogs of other brands before, but we got excited about the Ball Park Turkey Franks because it's taken Ball Park forever to come up with turkey franks. We took them home and had french fries with them (the french fries were on the bottom rack of the oven because they were frozen). Then we rolled up a Ball Park Turkey Frank in the tortilla and ate it that way. Would we buy them again? Sure! But the price has to be right, so we'll be on the lookout for sales. What took Ball Park so long to make a turkey frank?


Portland, OR


Ball Park Turkey Franks

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