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Balconi Tiramisu

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taste of Italy- quick and easy.


I fell in love with Tiramisu the first time that I tried it in a restaurant.  I have been on a search for a comparable Tiramisu since then.  **Balconi Tiramisu** is one of those stops along the way.  Although, Balconi's version is not the final destination of my search, it is worth mentioning for a number of reasons. If you have never tried Tiramisu, it is an Italian cake that is made with layers of sponge cake, mascarpone cheese and coffee cream fillings- dusted with cocoa.  Depending on the recipe, it may be soaked in coffee or coffee flavoring. Balconi Tiramisu is rich, moist and flavorful.  It comes in an air-tight plastic container that is enclosed in an airtight packaging that lasts for months.  I bought my last cake on May 22nd and the expiration date is November 30, 2009.  Because of that, it can be kept on hand for unexpected guests or a quick dessert. The cake comes in a 17.6 ounce size that gives six servings at 320 calories [150g fat] each.  The dessert is high in sugars [28g] but, it is, after all, a dessert.   The cakes are made in Italy, just outside of Milan.   **Bottomline:** Although the Balconi cake is not the best I have ever eaten, it is a great way to satisfy a craving at an inexpensive price.  

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Balconi Tiramisu

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