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A bad insurance company that minimizes its claims


After a bad hurricane season Balboa Insurance made a decision to pull out of the Florida insurance market. While I did not have a claim during the 2005 hurricane season I did have a leak and water damage claim with Balboa in 2007, while still covered by them. It has taken them a close to a year of back and forth and "nickle and diming" to finally pay the claim for damages. They tried to get out of the contents portion of the claim but in the end , they could not. I would absolutely not recommend Balboa Insurance to anyone. Unless you have nothing but time on your hands and are a glutten for punishment...avoid them.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


try thier best not to pay up


In the 8 years we have been paying Balboa for coverage, I have made only three claims. Each time, they give me the runaround and pay much, much less than the actual cost to fix the problem. We also have a $500 deductable per claim so that does not leave us with much. If you have a choice, do not use Balboa. Also, customer service is virtually non-existent. I have to call for weeks before getting a call back.

Silver Spring, MD



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