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Bakers & Chefs 12 inch Non-stick Fry Pan

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Simply the best affordable non-stick pan I've seen!


This is, by far, the best non-stick pan I've ever owned! The non-stick coating actually works! Nothing I've cooked has stuck. I've scrambled eggs, fried rice, sauteed shrimp... everything wipes out easily with a damp paper towel. I've washed, by hand, dozens of times and it still looks new. I just purchased a second pan and will definitely be buying more sizes.



Adequate for a low end pan


Since I can't afford high end frying pans, I have been using these pans as my main kitchen cookware for stove top cooking. They definitely work well when new and hold up for a while. I must admit that after a while though, the interior cooking surface tends to get worn down. They scratch easily and it is very important to be extremely mindful of the utensil/tools you use to cook with. You should always use wooden or plastic utensils so the scratching risk is minimized. once they scratch, they will be quite useless very quickly. We are big "egg eaters" in our home and these pans get a lot of use. They are literally used daily for cooking eggs most of the time and occasionally for grilled cheese. The non-stick surface works very well and it allows us to use less oil or butter than a regular pan. Rather than needing oil or butter for the "non-stick" aspect, it is only really needed for flavor. I would definitely recommend this pan for those on a budget.

Trenton, NJ


Bakers & Chefs 12 inch Non-stick Fry Pan

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