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An Island Airline


Flying from Florida to Freeport, I felt as if I was on vacation from the minute I stepped on the aircraft. I think I would stick to taking Bahamas Air on flights inter island verses longer and international flights. Service The customer service representatives we came across at the airports were quite helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, BahamasAir did not include the island tax in the cost of our flight and I was not a happy camper when I got to the airport after my fabulously relaxing vacation to learn that I had to scrounge around in my luggage for cash that I had packed away at the resort. In-Flight Accommodations While I am aware that I am traveling in the Caribbean while flying on Bahamas Air, I do not need the heat both inside the aircraft AND outside. Unfortunately the air conditioning vent above my seat, as well as the other two air conditioning vents in my row were broken. Thankfully, the flight attendant was very gracious and offered us a couple of extra glasses of water to help keep us cooler during our flight.



BahamasAir sucks


BahamasAir is horrible. They delayed our takeoff 35 minutes while stragglers came aboard, causing us to miss a connecting flight. But what is worse is the pilot and crew lied to us and said our connecting flight would be held. The flight was NOT held and we had to reschedule, resulting in lost luggage. The crew at the gate laughed at us and said "you'd better run" as we attempted to reach our connecting flight. The manager at Ft. Lauderdale was too cowardly or considered himself too good to face us commoners to hear our complaints. So, to summarize, the pilot and flight attendants lied to us, the desk crew was unprofessional and inconsiderate, and when attempting to complain, we were met with cowardice. This airline simply ignores those who it is supposed to serve and is best avoided if possible.

Greensburg, PA


BahamasAir makes it easy to travel the islands.


    BahamasAir not only has great rates, but the telephone booking agents are very, very helpful and will keep working to find the best connections, departure cities, and arrivals possible. Plus, unlike other airlines, if you miss a connection, they are not terribly upset; they just find the next connection for you. Flying later in the day to the smaller islands is likely to result in some delays, but everyone is very helpful and understanding.

Palatka, FL



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