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Burns relief
Bactine Antiseptic No Sting First Aid Spray

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i will not buy this product again


The new product smell's like mold and has lost it's antiseptic smell.


Seattle ,WA


Bactine Has Been Around For Years Because it Works!


I remember my mother using Bactine on my minor cuts and scrapes as a child when I was growing up and I still use it today. It is an essential item to have in your medicine cabinet especially if you have children or grandchildren like I do who are forever scraping their knees or getting scrapes and cuts when they are playing outside or riding their bikes. It also works great on bugbites and even minor burns. It is a nice clean feeling when you spray it on and it does not burn or irritate your skin. My grandchildren love it when I use this on them because it does not hurt. It keeps the wound germ free and clean with it's antiseptic formula. I would tell everyone to keep Bactine in their medicine cabinet because it works great. It is good for children or adults and is reasonably priced and lasts a long time. I love Bactine and since it has been around for years and years, you know it is an effective product. Try it and see for yourself.


New Egypt, NJ


Bactine eliminates pain fast


Ever since I was a tiny child, I have relied upon Mom to get out the Bactine Antiseptic/Pain Relief, in spray, or squeeze bottle.  In my adult years, I have found now, that especially when I am around children, it stops tears and helps "boo boos" very quickly; its almost like a "mother" among first aid products to me, soothing the pain first, and then the wound can be dealt with accordingly.  It isn't cheap, and when no-name brands are available with the same ingredients, I am glad for it.  When infection prevention or elimination is important, I may grab Neosporin + Pain instead, or apply it after the Bactine.  Bactine is definitely a must in the medicine cabinet in my house; I like to keep it stocked, because one never knows when they will need it.  It cleans small wounds quickly and effectively, usually in one application, without applying painful alcohol or soap, when the wound already hurts enough.


Fairfield, VA


Bactine is still the finest spray cleanser!


I really like this product and had actually forgotten about it until a friend of mine reintroduced it to me last year. I use it so much now. Everytime we have a scratch or cut out comes the Bactine! It works great on animal wounds too. Relieve the pain and cleans the wound. I have even used it on cats safely and you really have to be careful on those little guys!   Children don't cry after they figure out it doesn;t hurt and I have had some kids "remind: me to put some more on. I have used neosporin n conjunction with tis in humans only. But, when  have just used this on animals, it has killed the infection and worked well by itself. This is something that I think should be in any parents medicine cabinet whether you are a human parent or pet parent. Its safe and works great! It is better to have something that numbs the pain and doesn't give the child any undue fears of medicines or medical attention.


Seguin, TX


Bactine cleans without the burn


I'm not sure how long Bactine has been around, but I remember my grandmother using it on me as a little kid at least 25 years ago. Even the smell of it brings back childhood memories of cuts and scrapes and being taken care of. Bactine is a terrific, time-tested product and it really works! Bactine contains Benzalkonium chloride, which is a topical antiseptic that kills germs and protects cuts and scrapes from infection. It also contains Lidocaine, a super-effective anesthetic that is also used in hospitals and dentists offices. I spray it on all of my cuts, scrapes, and burns. Unlike products like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which kill germs but also sting a whole lot, Bactine does not hurt at all. In fact, it feels really good and soothing when sprayed on a minor injury. It has a distinctive, slightly medicinal smell that is not unpleasant. It dries quickly, and with a quick squirt of Bactine and a band-aid, you know that you will be healed in no time. I don't look forward to my daughter ever having cuts or scrapes, but when she does, I am happy to know that Bactine will be around to protect and soothe her "owies."


Mundelein, IL


So soothing and fast drying


I have been using this product ever since I have had grandchildren.I always keep it on hand for anything to soothing a bug bite or just a little scratch from a fall.I really like the fact that it does not burn or sting when applied to their sensitive skin .I would highly recommend to keep this product around to anyone that has kids or grandchildren. I think the kids would like it more if they made the packaging more children friendly and colorful(LOL).I have tought both of my grown children to always keep this product around their house for great releif and care of lifes little boo-boo's


Shelby, NC


Works really well.


I recently got my belly button pierced. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to pain and when I got my belly button pierced I cried like a baby. After I sprayed a little bactine on it I was fine almost instantly. It relieved the pain completely and made it so much easier to keep the piercing clean.


Lewiston, ME


Bayer Bactine Pain Relieving spray makes the ouch go away!


Bayer Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray has been around as long as I can remember. My mother used to use it on me whenever I got cuts, scratches or scrapes and I use it for my sons' little boo boo's too! It is soothing, cooling and really does make the ouch go away!


West Palm Beach, FL


Bactine really works to heal without pain or burning


I have very dry skin.  The skin around my fingernails get very dry and I tend to mess with it while concentrating or nervous.  because my skin is so dry, I tend to cut easily or suffer skin breakage to the bleeding point.  Nothing too serious, but I worry about scarring and infection!  Long ago I used a product called No More Ouchies, and loved it for my fingers and small cuts, skin breakages.  About 6, 7 years ago I could no longer find that product.  Could not find it anywhere.  Someone suggested I try this product, though it may not be as gentle as the No More Ouchies.  So I gave it a try, and I was very surprised that it really worked.  I will say that for scraped, small cuts, small burns it heals as well a Neosporin, but without the greasy mess that rubs off unless you put a bangage on it.  Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray soothes the pain immediately, and it dries almost immediately.  It work great when spraying it on a cotton ball.  Your skin can breathe, no bandage if not needed.  Great product!


Austell, GA


It's like a first aid kit for minor abrasions in a can


*Bactine antiseptic anesthetic no sting First Aid Spray* is like a first aid kit for minor boo boos in a can. We took the spray with us to both the beach and the lake. At the beach we used it to cool sunburns and spray on a cut from sharp shells in the surf. At the lake we used it for insect bites not only when they occured but also when the itchig kept us awake at night. the spray dried quickly and did not feel sticky against the sheets.  Not only does it kill bacteria in the broken skin but it's anesthetic stops the burning, itching or pain almost instantly. Another benefit is you do not have to touch the affected area because it is in a spray form. The 3 ounce can is compact and fits easliy in a purse or glove box. I would recommend this product to any one. It probably would be a good investment to get two. One for the car and another for home.The heavy duty fabric lets the bandage offer a cushion to the injury but also makes the bandage both soft and plyable so it moves with your body.


Louisville, KY


Bactine Antiseptic No Sting First Aid Spray

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