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Backyard Discovery
Backyard Discovery Scenic Playhouse - Free Delivery!


Scenic Playhouse is made of real cedar.

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Adorable and well made


The Backyard Discovery Scenic Playhouse has been a fixture in my backyard for a while now. It was shockingly easy to assemble which is always appreciated by a single mom who isn't necessarily building inclined. I love that it's made of nice sturdy wood and can stand up to my son, who is a bit of a bruiser. I love even more that it's one of the few playhouses that isn't pink and is a little more welcoming to male children. It's nice and open so I can always see inside to see what the kids are up to and keep them out of trouble. My favorite feature is actually the little bench part on the outside, my son likes to pretend he's in a restaurant and serves his friends and cousins while they sit on the bench. If you're looking for a playhouse that's versatile, gender neutral, and hours of fun for your kids, this is definitely a good choice. I also really loved that they had free delivery in addition to a price that was already pretty good.



Not durable


The Backyard Discovery Scenic Playhouse is a good product but it is not quite strong. I purchased this product few months back for my toddler and he absolutely loved the design and the equipment within this playhouse. My daughter already had her own doll house and this was an addition for my son. My son loved using this play house and he used to spend hours in it that it used to get difficult for me to bring him out. He loved the toy phone as well and used to pose with it. However, after 2 months, the half door broke and I had to get it fixed soon but it lasted again for a month only and it broke again. My son being very playful used to rush inside and outside the house due to which the door broke and he broke the phone as well but it fell down and hence it broke. The house is too small and is weak as well and my son was not able to play within the house at all because not only the door, but the window as well cracked. I just gave it away as it looked shabby and old within few months.



Backyard Discovery Scenic Playhouse - Free Delivery!

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