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Backyard Discovery
Backyard Discovery Prestige Wood Swing Set


Small Yards Become an Adventure Land with Large Backyard Wood Swing Set

There's nothing like watching your children being active and creative on your family's Prestige wooden swing set with rock climbing ladder. The set fits perfectly in today's smaller backyards, giving your children a safe and structurally sound place to play. Your swing set has features like a sandbox, 8' Speedy Slide with safety feature tall walls, and a covered fort that your kids will love. Plus, it's affordable enough not to break the bank.

Your kids and their friends will love all the special features on their large backyard wood swing set. Designed for small yards, it packs hours of play with the rock wall ladder, covered fort, sandbox, swings, slide and trapeze bar! There is even a snack bar so kids can relax before their next adventure.

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The kids love it!


I upgraded to this playset after my old plastic one gave out on me and it's been an awesome addition to my backyard for my son and niece. I knew I wanted a wooden play set this time around because my son plays hard and has a habit of wrecking anything that isn't made well and after shopping around and checking some reviews I decided to go with the Backyard Discovery Prestige Wood Swing Set. It was a huge pain to put together but once we had it set up it was an instant success. The wood is nice and heavy and definitely built to last. The green and yellow color scheme for the slide and little canopy is super adorable and gender neutral. And of course the best thing about this product is that the kids love it because there is enough to do on it for them to not lose interest. Months later my son still plays on it almost daily and its a total hit with his visiting friends and cousins as well.



Short Lifespan


We purchased our Backyard Discovery playset about 5 years ago. When we opened the box we quickly realized the instructions were almost impossible to follow. My husband had to call in backup to help him put the playset together. It took two men all day long and part of the next day to put this playset together. For anyone who plans to purchase one of these, it is essential to have a perfectly flat spot for it, otherwise it will not sit or work right. After about 2-3 years, the playset began to fall apart. The stain began to fade and the wood began to get dry and crack open. The colorful canopy began to dry rot in the sun and when the wind blew it ripped to shreds. The ropes on one of the swings fell apart, leaving the swing unusable. The kids swung so much on it that the bolts began to loosen and the whole set would move back and forth and make creaking sounds even though it was staked into the ground properly. Finally, the dog got his rope hung around the slide and with a tug the slide ripped off, taking 3 boards with it. When I tried to replace the slide I realized just how unsafe this playset was and we immediately took it down. This set will only last a good 3 years before it starts needing repairs. I wish I had bought a better quality playset. Next time, for the price we paid we will just build one of our own.

Empire, AL


Perfect Party Piece


We got the Backyard Discovery Prestige Wood Swing Set when our oldest son was one. Just to be sure that we loved it, we had it up and ready to go for his first birthday party. Many of the kids we invited were older than him at the time, so they were our official testers. This swing set fort combo was the hit of the party! Here are all of the reasons that I love it: 1. The base allows me to keep a fresh padding of wood chips down, which guarantees no grass burs or dangerous weeds. It also serves as fall protection for little ones. I don't have to worry about my kids getting injured on a hard surface. 2. The slide is built with a perfect slope so as to be fun yet safe. It's also a great slide to climb up. 3. The covered fort/tower adds an element of adventure, like a tree house but much safer. My kids love to play underneath it as well. 4. The swings are well bolted in and really safe. 5. The whole construction is durable and well-made.



Backyard Discovery Prestige Wood Swing Set

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