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Back to Basics Smoothie Plus 600

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Smoothie blender, but don't put too much ice.


This blender, smoothie plus 600, is great for blending mushy items, say a pasta sauce or making refried beans. Once you start to add the ice though, then is when you wish you'd bought that expensive hamilton beach blender. However, be patient and the blender pulls through, hopefully it lasts longer than the warranty this time. Also, that easy pour spout is a life saver when you've rimmed the cups with sugar for those watermelon ice drinks, or when your little brother is serving and you're afraid of what he might do (flip over the entire container) One more tip, do NOT add whole frozen strawberries, the blenders motor is not strong enough to handle that. What i do is dice them up real small, then add in the frozen pieces a few at a time, that way no damage is done. (yes, that is what happened to my other blender, sigh, the things that happen) Sometimes you get what you paid for. Although this one is a good blender, and I hope you have a good experience with it as well.


Houston, TX


Back to Basics Smoothie Plus 600

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