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Back to Basics Slushie Express Blender

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Perfect timing!


I bought the Back To Basics Slushie Express Blender on an impulse. They had a few of them at a local Big Lots Store. It was marked down at a really good price and I couldn't pass it up. It is a quite nifty machine. The blender cup can be turned over and used to eat your slushie from. It also comes with a slushie spoon / straw as well. The machine is quite loud but, I had expected that anyway. On the slushie cup there are 3 different lines. The first is a line the syrup line, after adding the specified amount of syrup, you will need to add tap water to the water line. Once you have done that, you just need to add ice until you reach the ice line. There is a twist on detachable blade cup that needs to be twisted on. After that, you are going to lock the cup into the machine base and press. You should be easy with the pressing down for too long, you don't want to burn the base out so take breaks in between. It only takes about 1 to 2 minutes to make an amazing slushie with restaurant quality consistency. You don't have to purchase the syrup if you don't wish to but, they sure are good! You can also use lower calorie selections like Crystal Light or similar drink sticks, they are just as fun and work as a healthier option. I am pretty satisfied with it thus far. I guess I couldn't have bought it at a better time of year anyway. It's really easy to use n almost effortless. Oh, it also comes with a screw on slushie top - It makes for quite a novel experience. Kids love it. Blending Power Don't press the machine down too long because you may burn out the motor. Versatility Can also be used to make smoothies Ease of Cleaning Most of the parts screw off for easy cleaning. Design Wish it came with more cups like my other one!



Fun little appliance for a quick treat


My son received this Slushie Express for his birthday. It's a neat little, compact slushie maker. It is made up of 3 basic parts: the motor base with switch, the blade base, and the 16-ounce blending slushie cup. So what you do is: 1. put the slushie concentrated syrup in the cup up to the "syrup" mark on the cup, then 2. add water up to the "liquid" line marked on the plastic cup, and finally 3. add ice until the liquid mixture reaches the "ice" line. You can gently press down the ice to make the liquid rise to the "ice" line. 4. Then screw on the blade base and tighten it. Remove some ice if the lid doesn't fit on properly. 5. Turn the cup over and fit the blade base on to the motor base, turn it clockwise to engage motor base. 6. run motor for about 20 seconds. 7. remove cup from base, flip over, and remove the blade from the cup. There is a cup top and spraw (spoon-straw) that comes with. Use smaller ice cubes for easier crushing. And you can buy additional cups/lids to each person can have one. Also, instead of the syrup try concentrated fruit juice!

Dalton, MN


Back to Basics Slushie Express Blender

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