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Back to Basics
Back to Basics AutoServe Smoothie Maker

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Great blender


I bought this blender on clearance about three years ago and have been pleased with it. I haven't used it to make smoothies with the attachment so can't comment on that. Although it's dishwasher safe and wasy to clean that way, the easiest way to clean it is just to fill it with hot water, add a few drops of soap and let it run for a minute. We've never had any problems doing it that way! Pros - - Large capacity - Easy to dismantle and clean (dishwasher safe) - Lid seals tightly Cons - - Only a few different speeds - Not great for crushing ice - Doesn't come in different colors - Sometimes food gets stuck below the blades and doesn't get blended without tipping the blender a few times I had one of the expensive brands before purchasing this one and although I can see the difference, this model is still very usable.

Canyon, TX


Back to basics smoothie maker is smooth


I received this as a prize at a work function and at first I was saying, "What in the world am I gonna do with this thing?" and then I began reading in maazines at work about the benefits of drinking juice and so I decided what better way than making an ice cold smoothie. So, the first time that I used it mixed in some bananas, strawberries, ice, vanilla yogurt, and some orange juice and mixed them until smooth and... it tasted great. Then I was asking myself, "what else can I mix togeher?". I found myself mixing iin some V8 juice with fruits, as well as mixing in apple sauce, grapes, lemon and limes, and also would put in some sodas to try something different. Some turned oout good and others not so much, but of course you could add alcohol.

Louisville, KY


The Smoothie Maker is too good to only use in the summer!


I have to say, I really like this smoothie maker. It's a quick, easy way to concoct a delcious smoothie enjoyed by all. Easy-to-follow directions help you to create a great treat every time. It's a great way to use up those frozen bags of berries you having hiding in your freezer! There are countless healthy possibilities (as well as the not-so-healthified treats) and the great thing is that it's up to you. All you do is look up the ingredients in the book, or online, throw 'em in how they suggest, turn it on and listen to that whir, knowing your tasty drink will be ready in no time. I like to try out new recipes, and didn't keep to the few suggestions they had in the book. Again, that's the beauty of it! You decide what you want

Hales Corners, WI


Smoothie maker lives up to its name


The best thing about this is the spout. It makes serving smoothies easy, and looks cute for visitors. However, I find that the blades aren't strong enough to really break up big ice cubes, and you can get large chunks of ice in your smoothie. Fruit, yogurt, etc., however, are easily pureed. It does take up a lot of space, but since I don't use it often, I keep it in its box and don't notice the size. It isn't the easiest thing to clean the blades, but it isn't really easy to clean any blender's blade, now is it? It is great value for the price, and you don't have to worry about breaking it or anything, because it would be easy to replace. Then again, I've had mine for seven years, and it has LASTED. I only use it once a month or so, but I think it will last me for years and years to come.

New York, NY


Not quite McDonald's Frappe's- but close


I received the Back to Basics smoothie Maker as a gift, because I am so crazy about the McDonald's Frappes, and wanted a way to duplicate these at home.  Must say I haven't found just the perfect copy cat Frappe yet, but am getting close.  The Back to Basics is a glorified blender with an easy serve spout and a mixing stick.  You add the liquid ingredients to one line, ice to the next line, press the button, stir and you get a restaurant quality smoothie, frappe or better yet frozen Margarita at home, in minutes.  With the bottled Margarita mix or Frozen Daiquiris mix, you can duplicate the best bar drinks at home.  You can't get them this smooth with your home blender.  If you prefer a more healthy concoctions, throw some fresh fruit, yogurt and ice into the Back to Basics and you have a store-bought smoothie in minutes. It seems there are lots of mixes and premade frozen kits available to make it even easier to create your frozen concoctions. It is so easy to use, and not difficult to clean up.  You will need quite a bit of room to store this, though. It is rather large and bulky.

Elburn, IL


Back to Basics AutoServe Smoothie Maker

3.8 5