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Back to Basics Aluminum Steam Juicer

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Excellent Juicer


I purchased this juicer over the summer to prepare for my concord grapes and apples to come into season. I did a lot of research before making my purchase, and this juicer seemed right for the price and other reviews online. My juicer arrived quickly and I was super excited for my fruit to come into season so that I would be able to use it! At last, the time came and I was really impressed with how easy it was to operate this juicer. The pot at the bottom holds a large amount of water and it boils rather quickly. The compartment for the juice is decent size but that doesn't really matter since the juice flows out of the tube into a bowl of your choosing. Finally, the compartment on top holds more fruit than I anticipated. All I had to do was wash my grapes and place the while bunch into the juicer. And the same for my apples. I just ran the apples through a slicer (to help speed the process). It really was that simple. The amount of juice produced for each batch of fruit was more than I expected. I loved that the juice did not need to be filtered either as I did not have a problem with any remains making it into the tube. This juicer really was worth the purchase and I would recommend this! All I had to do after the juicing was pour the juice into my mason jars and then process them! And I was done! Homemade juice to use whenever!


Provo, UT


Back to Basics Aluminum Steam Juicer

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