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BabySmart Cooshee Booster Seat Classic Blue Bird

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Cooshee Booster seat - cushie for a toddler's tushie!


Big fans of the Cooshee Booster seat. My son came out of a classic booster (the plastic kind you strap onto a chair) pretty early, before he turned 2 - at almost 3, he still needs a booster, and this Cooshee seat has bridged the gap between classic booster and nothing at all beautifully - and at over a year old, it still looks brand new - and believe me, this seat takes a beating. We had to take him out of the strapped chair, because one night at dinner, he wanted to sit next to big sis, and right before our eyes, hopped himself, strapped into the booster seat, on a kitchen chair, all the way over to her. I remembered some friends talking about this product, so I went out the next day and purchased one. He loved it right from the start - no more straps, so he felt like a big boy. It's very comfortable for him to sit on, so much better than a hard, molded plastic chair, so mealtimes were instantly improved - he wasn't clamoring to get out within 5 minutes of sitting down. The seat adheres to the chair with his body weight, and it does not budge, not even a millimeter - even when he's climbing up and into the seat himself, using the sides to pull himself up. Wipes clean easily, has yet to stain. It came with a carrying case, so its easy to throw in the car when visiting friends/family, or eating out at a restaurant. We've even taken it with us on plane trips - it is very lightweight. Excellent product - I recommend it all the time.


Mesa, AZ


Cooshee booster is comfy and easy to clean


I bought the blue cooshee booster seat when my older son outgrew his high chair as a way to transition him into sitting at the family dinner table. I've loved it so much that I bought a second cooshee booster seat for my younger son! The cooshee booster is made of a soft material and feels like it would be very comfortable to sit on. The material the seat is made of grips my fabric covered chairs pretty well and it stays in place as my boys climb in and out even without strapping it to the chair. It raises my boys up to a level where they can easily reach their plates of food and cups on the table. My favorite thing about the cooshee booster seat is how easy it is to clean. If anything spills on the seat I can just put it in the sink and wipe it with a cloth and everything comes right off. There are no cracks or holes for food to get stuck in. If I could change one thing about this seat it would be to make the back go up a little higher so my boys could have some back support and be able to lean back. This is not a huge problem though, and overall I really love the cooshee booster seat and would definitely recommend it to friends.


Ann Arbor, MI


The Cooshee booster sear is perfect for preschoolers too!


I bought the Cooshee classic booster seat when my 3 year old was just a little too big for his booster seat made more for toddlers with the strap and everything. He was just not liking the idea of being treated like a baby having to be strapped in and sit in a "baby" seat, but he still was a little too short to reach his plate without sitting up on his knees. The Cooshee is soft yet durable, super easy to wipe clean yet gives my son just enough lift to get him up to his plate safely so he can eat more easily. My son also enjoys using his Cooshee as a seat to sit in the living room with too. He will sit in it to watch a movie or have a snack at his tray in the living room. I do not think this booster seat would have worked with my son before 3 however. If you have a very active child that doesn't like to sit through meals a booster seat with a strap would work better for you. I think we will be using the Cooshee for a couple more years since it gives him a little more height and yet he feels like a big boy. Highly recommend!


Portage, MI


Simple Booster Seat


I received the Cooshee Booster Seat as a baby shower present.  My daughter loves to use it.  It is very simple and has fit every chair we've tried it on.  I wouldn't recommend it for young toddlers as there are no fasteners to the seat or child (we used it with a captain's chair to keep our child in).  The seat is made of foam and is soft as well as easy to clean.  Since there aren't any components or crevices, you don't have trouble with food getting stuck in hard to clean places.  If you are looking for a seat that will cover your child for a range of ages, I wouldn't recommend it.  The height of the seat can't be adjusted and my daughter tends to sit on the back ring of it so that she is higher relative to the table and she ends up being further from the table and dropping more food on the floor and seat.  I would recommend this booster seat to someone who is looking for simple and has an older child that is an experienced eater. 


Greer, SC


So comfortable!


The BabySmart Cooshee Classic booster seat is one of the best for portable, easy-to-use boosters. I have purchased 3 different boosters and my parents have purchased 2 others for their house, and the Cooshee Classic is the softest one. This is such a versatile seat, but it doesn't have a seat belt, so you need to make sure your child is not one to climb out and get hurt. It is made of a soft rubberized foam, so it grips onto the seats and doesn't slide around. It is low-backed and also has a ribbed bottom for comfort. My son likes to use it to sit at the table (when we are there with him) and he also likes to use it on the floor as his own "personal" chair. When we ask him to go get in his chair, half the time he will bring this booster to where we are and sit in it. (The rest of the time he uses his high chair). My son is 19 months, and has been using this booster since around 12 months. It works well for him. It is lightweight, which I like so it isn't heavy to lug around and it comes in a mesh carrying case that you can use to transport or for storage. We have the blue one which is a very nice color, but it is also available in other shades as well.


Grandville, MI


hard to clean


The BabySmart Cooshee booster seat,  initially seemed like a great fit. Nice soft booster seat, very spongy like and a great design, but most of our accolades end there.  The spongy rubbery coating on the Cooshee makes it very tough to clean.  As you know kids get just about everything on the seat and it usually takes more than just a quick rub to get everything off.  Sauce stains and spilled milk or juice are even tougher if they dry.   Also we noticed that after a period of time the booster takes the finish off our wood chairs.  As mentioned, at first it looks like a great modern booster seat, but when your child is sitting in it, you quickly notice that it doesn't promote good posture and the low sides and deep back clearly make it uncomfortable for our kids.  Our little one decided early on that it was much easier going without the booster.  It took some time to convince ourselves, but eventually we agreed.  Perhaps its a much better chair for a 4 year old than a 2 year old.  There's some good safety features,  it pretty solid and the tough to clean out coating will definitely not slide.  Overall, this is probably a love/hate type of booster,  for us it just wasn't a great fit. 


Chicago, IL


BabySmart Cooshee Booster Seat Classic Blue Bird

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