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BabyGanics Fun Foam Lavender Body Wash and Shampoo

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Love this as a body wash, not so much as shampoo.


I love the foaming feature. I use a lot less than normal liquid body wash per use. This seems to last a lot longer also. Performance I really like this product as a body wash. However, I do feel like it leaves my childs hair drier than normal. I dont typically use it as a shampoo because of this.



babyganics foam wash is easy to use and smells great


I started using a lot of babyganics products recently after I saw them in the store and read the "ingredients". It seems much safer to use items that contain ingredients I am familiar with on my little baby instead of the chemicals that I am not really sure about. The foam body wash and shampoo is really great because it foams onto your washcloth and spreads so easily. With other body washes and shampoos I feel like I have to put a TON of it on there and then sit there and mash the washcloth over and over before it starts to foam. I like to have it foamy so I am not just dumping tons of soap on any one spot of my baby, plus it makes it so easy to spread. It is a little more expensive, but honestly because you use less of it since it is already foamy, it lasts a lot longer than the bottles of the more popular body wash/shampoo, so I feel like its just as good if not better of a deal, plus it is probably safer (or at least gives you peace of mind) than the other products out there. 

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BabyGanics Fun Foam Lavender Body Wash and Shampoo

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