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BabyBjorn Original Organic Baby Carrier

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The Baby Bjorn is the one!


After purchasing multiple baby carriers, I finally found the one that baby and I liked! Hooray! I spent money, time and tears trying different slings, wraps, and carriers, and finally I bought the Baby Bjorn Original organic carrier. My daughter enjoys seeing the world from the carrier and I take her outside and out of her stroller. When she was a newborn, during the summer, she would get very irritated being in her carseat stroller. She wanted to be out and this carrier was the easiest and most comfortable for the both of us. Unlike other carriers, it is very easy to put on and to put baby in. It has the option for baby to face you or to face outward. The baby's weight is distributed evenly so there is no strain on your back. The price is a little high, but well worth it when you think of using in on multiple children or family members. Looking at the material you can see that it is durable and will last a long time.

San Leandro, CA


Once my baby is in his Baby Bjorn, he loves it


When I was pregnant with my son, I knew that I wanted to be a baby-wearing momma so I started researching baby carriers.  I wanted something that was comfortable for both me and baby.  I also wanted something that was adjustable so that both my husband and I could use it to wear our baby (this also meant the carrier couldn't be too feminine looking).  After some research, I decided on the Baby Bjorn Original Organic--a decision that has panned out very well.  My son loves being in his Baby Bjorn.  I find that the carrier is easy on my back and it fits really well.  It is relatively easy to get baby in and out of the carrier although the saftey straps on the legs for littler babies are very frustrating to get fastened. One of the benefits to the Baby Bjorn are that it  allows me to get things done and keep my son happy and held at the same time.  The carrier also prevents people from trying to hold and touch my son with out asking when we are out and about in public. All in all I am happy with this product.

Newark, DE


The babybjorn is divine for the multi-tasking mom!


The babybjorn is an amazing, must have piece for the multi-tasking mom.  With the carrier being made from organic materials, I do not have to worry about the chemicals that my baby might be inhaling or ingesting.  Its design makes it easy for baby to be slipped in and out.  Also, if you position your babybjorn just right, your baby can actually breastfeed while being carried.  This is a great piece to have in any collection.  It is great for trips to the mall, grocery store or park.  Your baby has the freedom to kick his legs and move about while experiencing the world around him!  My baby gets excited when he sees it because he knows that we will be going for a walk or doing something outside the house! Just be careful...when you are working around the house, remember that your baby is sticking out farther than you realize.  If you are not careful, you would bump his precious little head!  Enjoy your purchase!

Lewisville, TX


This was the only way the house stayed clean and baby quiet


I love this carrier. We live in Florida and my babies wanted to be carried all the time, so I had them in this carrier from morning to evening, if they weren't napping. I have bought these for every mother I know. They should give them away at the hospital when you have the baby as a total necessity! and they wash up wonderfully!

Naples, FL


The Babybjorn Origional Organic Carier is amazing, and helpful


The Babybjorn Origional organic carrier is amazing and it helps alot when you have a high maintenance baby that wants to be with mommy all the time and you have to do the dishes.  I will always have one for all my future kids.

Charlotte, NC


BabyBjorn Original Organic Baby Carrier

4.8 5