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BabyBjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3

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Baby Bjorn Bouncer, No batteries necessary


This bouncer really appealed to me because of it's unique simplicity and design.  I spent some time watching babies on You Tube bouncing away, and I was convinced that this bouncer would be perfect for me.  The ones from other companies with all the plastic crap dangling all over the place just isn't my style. When the package came, it was so simple, and required no installation.  It took me a moment to figure out how to lay the thing back flat, but it really was easy after reading the instruction manual.  My baby loves this chair and it should last her for years, unlike other chairs that have weight limits. She gets a great workout as she moves her legs up and down getting this thing to bounce.  You can also bounce it yourself if you want when the baby is small, but the point is to make them bounce it themselves.  I am shocked as to how entertained this simple chair can keep a baby.  I love it and it folds up nicely for storage.  Expensive, but worth the price in my opinion.

Los Angeles, CA


our babies love it


I am not a fan of these automatic swings that play music and rock baby in every possible direction. I feel that there is an overload of stimulation with these kinds of swings. The Baby Bjoern Baby Sitter chair appealed to me, because it is so not fancy! ;-) It is very simple. A little bouncy chair without batteries, without music, without any extras. Just a bouncy chair. We bought it for our second baby, and he instantly loved it. When he was still very little he would sit in it and with every move the chair would slightly bounce. Not much at all. But enough to relax him. He loved sitting in it. When he got older, he figured out that he can make the chair bounce when he moves around in it. So that is what he did. Now our third baby sits in the chair. it is like new and he loves it just as much as his brother did. I also love the fact that the cover comes off easily and that it is machine washable. 

Twentynine Palms, CA


Nothing special with this bouncer.


The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is a great, sturdy bouncer. It doesn't have any of the extra amenities the other bouncers now a days come with.  My son was a very fussy baby and this was literally the only thing we could get him to sit in when he was first born. It was a little annoying that I would have to bounce it with my foot and there was no automatic vibrate or bounce motion. It is tall/long so it will grow with my son as he gets taller. I think the weight limit on it is something like 28 lbs which is pretty high and would last most people into toddlerhood (though my son is like gianormous baby and at 4/12 months already weighs 18.4 lbs).  It is easy to remove the cover and throw it in the wash and the colors are very neutral and can be used for our next baby.  I also like that you can adjust the incline of the seat to make it recline more for when our baby was first born to sitting more upright as he gets older. Another great feature is that you can fold it flat so it's great for storage; under the couch, in the closet, etc.  The only thing I don't really like about is the price.  For such a basic and simple bouncer I would expect it to be cheaper than those other bouncers that come with so much! The toy bar doesn't actually come with this bouncer either; there is a toy bar that is made for this bouncer that you have to buy separately. 

Atlanta, GA


A great "no bells or whistles" bouncer


This bouncer does what it says it bounces. No extra vibrations, no psychedelic colors, no silly cartoon characters. My little guy has been comfortable in it since he was a week old. He loves to snuggle. This seat will cradle around him and give needed support without being overly cushy (too much padding on some of the bouncers looks like a risk to me). My little guy is always moving (kicking his legs). He can self bounce in this seat.  Sometimes he can really get himself arockin'.  It comes with a crossbar that has colored bears attached. He loves flicking the bears to make them spin.  It doesn't come with extra noise or mobiles which really do nothing to stimulate the baby.  WIth this chair, my son is still able to be aware of his surroundings and interact with it.  An aquaintance just got a bouncer for her son becuase it had ears making it "oh so cute" (looked like a lamb??).  This bouncer has no ears. It's not's functional.  THis chair will grow with my son. it has a few settings/heights to allow for the child to use it as a chair as a toddler. The cover is easily removable and machine washable. No shrinking in the wash. Highly recommend.

Chicago, IL


BabyBjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3

4.5 4