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Baby Trilogy
Baby Trilogy Spindle Corner Crib

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Great for space restricted, little pricey


I was able to buy a Baby Trilogy spindle canopy bed for my fifth son. I loved the iddea of this bed, it is a corner crib, with three siddes, somewhat pie shaped. Fits snugly into a corner of the room, leaving more space in the nursery. I loved the canopy, and the front panel ,is a drop-down. This crib is only available at specialty shops or online, and the mattress and bedding has to be special ordered, unless you know someone handy with a sewing machine. I love the way this crib looks, it is unique, and I love that it doesn't take up as much space as a traditional crib. On the down side, once my son started moving around in the crib, he was constantly getting his legs or arms stuck in between the spindles. He evventually became more mobile, and learned how to get himself out of those predicaments. Overall I am still very happy with my purchase, and would recommend this to others, but won't be passing mine on to any friends, I'm saving it for my kids!!

Ottawa, IL


Gorgeous crib- love it!


We were the lucky recipients of this crib when my daughter was born in Jan. 2009.  It was passed down to us from my aunt, who used it for about 2 years with her daughter.  My daughter is now 20 months and the crib is still in excellent shape and looks amazing!  My daughter's room multitasks as our guest room and office, so while the room is not small, there is quite a bit of furniture in there.  Having this corner crib makes a HUGE difference in maximizing the space we have.  I know if we had a standard crib the room would feel much smaller.  I must say that my favorite thing about the crib is how much attention it gets!  I'm not sure there has ever been a person who's come to our home and NOT commented on how beautiful it is!  It's very unique, that's for sure. If there is a downside, the only thing I can think of is that some kids may outgrow it before they would outgrow a standard crib, simply because it is smaller.  That being said, my daughter is about 34" tall/24 lbs and still fits comfortably in it.  I think we'll easily make it to 2 years old before she outgrows it.  We'd likely be ready to move her to a bed at that point anyway, so I feel no real loss there!  Someone with a larger-than-average baby might not want this crib for that reason, though. I love this crib and would definitely recommend it.  You can't beat how much space it saves!!  I've often thought how perfect it would be for parents who live in a one bedroom apartment and have no option but to keep the baby in the room with them.  You will not find a crib that makes a better use of a small space than this one!

Memphis, TN


My dream crib


I have twins, and I debated for a long time before shelling out the money for these cribs.  I have never regretted it, as these cribs are not only magically beautiful somehow, but they are also super practical. I don't have a large room for my twins, and yet I have plenty of space in a small room now for a changing table and a dresser.  Everyone who sees the nursery stops in the doorway to say, "Wow... what a beautiful nursery."  I continue to do that myself every time I go in to see my babies.  My twins sleep very well in them, too.   I would recommend these cribs to anyone, and especially anyone with twins.   

Chicago, IL


A new little bundle of joy's dream crib


**I have been lucky enough to have been gifted with a wonderful Baby Trilogy Spindle corner crib during my first month after little Connor was born. We had very little as we had just moved to a new apartment with virtually nothing in it and no one else but me around to take care of him, a mere 2 days after giving birth. I cried when I got this crib. The first stiking thing about it is the pure beauty of it. I've never seen a crib quite like it. It's dark polished wood and canopy are so old world and perfect. I've found now after Connor turning 10 months old that this crib is still just as safe and big for him as it was back then. He shakes everything to death, but this crib has actually held fast, which amazes me. It *is* a costly crib, but trust me, it is well worth the money, especially for the new or single parent. I love the neutral coloring of it as well. His little baby buddies from the neighborhood can come over for babysitting and they don't feel "out of place" in this crib. :)**

Lynnwood, WA


Baby Trilogy Spindle Corner Crib

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