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Baby Trend
Baby Trend Venture LX Travel System Stroller

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OK for the price but you can do better


We bought this stroller system almost a year ago. It was pretty cheap and fit the theme we wanted for our little one. We haven't had any major problems with it and everything is still very functional after a lot of use. However, there are some things I don't like about it. First, the buckle on the car seat is really hard to fasten because you have to match up the two different parts before you can stick it in the buckle. I can do it no problem but DH and everyone else who have tried to do it can't figure it out or it takes them a really long time. Second, the handle on the car seat always has to snap back and it forces the seat in front to be pretty far forward. In an economy car this can be very annoying. My biggest issue with the stroller is that it doesn't fold up very well. When it is fully collapsed, it still takes quite a bit of space. For us, that means the entire back seat and you still have to wedge it in there because it is a tight fit.



Poor Quality, Poor Customer Service


Back in November we had a third precious addition to our family. To carefully transport our precious new infant we chose this Monkey Around Travel System from Baby Trend. At first the whole system was great. It was easy to get the infant carrier in and out of the car base and stroller. However, a few months later, while carriying my son from church to the car, the infant carrier simply unlocked and sent my son flying forward. If he hadn't been strapped in, he would have smashed his cute little face into the pavement. We contacted Baby Trend both through e-mail and phone and got the same response. "You have to send it in and we'll repair it for you. It'll be about 1-2 weeks." What are we supposed to do for 3 weeks without a carrier? I guess we'll just stay home for 2 weeks? Yeah right. I think we'll just return this crap that we bought and purchase a new carrier from a company that CARES ABOUT WHAT THEY SELL! THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE RECALLED!

Orchard Park, NY


Baby Trend Venture LX Travel System Stroller

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