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Baby Trend
Baby Trend Umbrella Stroller

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the lil' pink stroller


I happen to own one. I have owned this paticular model for quite sometime now. I bought it when my daughter was about a year and a half old, and she's going to turn 4 in august. I have owned several strollers in the past, and have expierenced several more during the course of my younger siblings life as babies themselves. this is by far the most lightest and portable, and for it's lightweight construction the most durable, I still get a little carried away while walking my daughter down to the park. I treat it like a stroller of it's kind should not be treated, my daughter is reaching the 40 lb. mark and I noticed yesterday the max weight is only 35, I figured by now the tires would have fallen off by now, or at least the frame to snap somewhere in the "joints". It has held up beyond my expectations to say the least. My only complaints are that it needs to be taller. Since I'm 6'3" I tend to hunch over a little bit and puts a slight strain on my lower back. That and the tires and rims could be bigger so they dont get stuck on the slightest hole, or cracks in the side walk or dirt trail, since my family does alot of fishing. One last thing shoulder straps could be more helpful since like to see things around her. There may be some parents out there that are afraid of their kids falling out, and that's they passed on this model.

Atascadero, CA


Nothing special, but it works


This Baby Trend Umbrella stroller is just your ordinary run of the mill compact stroller. Its very lightweight and compact. It folds very thin and small. My little girl LOVES the pink! We bought one for airport trips and its proven that it works and is extremely convienient. It hardly weights anything. Its small enough that i can get it in the overhead bins on the airplane. Just the convienence of not having to check in a stroller was a great bonus for us! The fabric is durable enough, we have had ours for about 1 yr now and the fabric hasn't torn yet! The canopy is just for does nothing to protect the child from the sun! The straps are just basic, no special 5 point harness or anything. My child is now borderline 30 lbs and the stroller still steers pretty decent. I love the fact that there are double wheels both in front and in the back. The stroller itself is pretty sturdy. I would recommend this stroller.

Plano, TX


I love this baby trend umbrella stroller


    Even though I have a regular full size stroller from Graco this umbrella stroller that I received as a gift is the greatest stroller I have used.  It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use and maneuver.   It has really stood up to the test of time and it is very strong and tough.  I like the colors it comes in and I like that it looks nice even though it is a very cheap stroller.  It also was well worth the money I paid for it and that is something that is very important to me.  I rarely ever use the full size stroller because as soon as a baby can sit up it is so much easier to use this stroller.  The only drawback is that there is no storage to keep anything in and that is kind of important when you need to tote around a diaper bag all the time.  It would be better if there were more holders for you and also for the baby to keep a sippy cup or snack.  I would tell everyone I knew to buy one of these strollers.  It's the best!

Glendale, RI


The best umbrella stroller we've ever used.


This is by far the best portable stoller we have ever used.  It folds up very easily and compactly and only weighs eight pounds.  The best part is that you can fold it up or unfold it one handed.  We have taken this stroller with us on many different trips and it travels better than any other stroller we've used.  Not only is it portable, but it is very sturdy.  It doesn't wobble like so many cheap umbrella strollers, and feels very solid - not flimsy at all.  We really like the 3 point harness and our daughter enjoys being able to buckle herself in.  The handles are comfortable and it requires almost no effort to push.  The canopy is also a nice feature.  It provides enough shade but because it has a plastic window, we can keep an eye on our daughter.  Another nice feature are the brakes.  It has rear wheel brakes that can be easily activated with your foot.  If you are looking for something portable, light, sturdy and easy, this is the best stroller out there.

Spring Lake, NC


Baby Trend Umbrella Stroller

4.3 4