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Baby Trend
Baby Trend Travel System Stroller

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Sturdy, bright colors - comparable to costlier models


We got this in 2008 for our baby and loved it! We ordered the Jungle themed stroller ( and play yard, but that is another review). The colors are bright, playful characters on the covers,we believe that a baby should be surrounded by 'happy' colors and this was perfect for us. Moving on to the safety factor, the most important factor! We had a slight problem with one of the wheels ( it could be our DIY disaster) but the customer service fixed it, mailed out a spare set asap and we did not have any trouble at all. Washing etc: as far as I can remember, we had no trouble washing the covers. We just dumped it tin the washer and it came out clean. I have no idea if any special care was required, we did not do anything special. Over all, the stroller, like any other is big but easy to push. I had to go up 5 steps to enter my apartment, I used to tilt the stroller on the back wheels and push it up the steps, no bumps, no tumbles, nothing. worked fine. There is a storage bag underneath the stroller, it is a good size, I used to carry library books, diaper bag and at various times grocery items too, it is sturdy. We liked it a lot and gave it up only because we had to move.. and the baby was old enough to go in an umbrella stroller, which though lightweight , does not have that great storage basket .



Baby Trend Travel System


I've owned the Baby Trend Travel System for three years and my second child is now using it. I absolutely love how easy it is to snap the carseat onto the stroller when I want to go for a walk, and it feels sturdy so I don't have to worry about my baby falling out. I wish it was a bit easier to turn with one hand, the triangle handle in the middle of the stroller handle doesn't seem to make it easier at all, and I prefer to walk holding it with one hand. it does fold up very easy with one hand, and I have no complaints with the carseat, it expands to fit my baby as she grows and I love the light green color I picked out- was perfect for my boy or girl. The latch system buckles into my car so easily- my baby is in or out in a flash! I'd buy it again, but I might get the jogger next time with the front swivel wheel, easier for maneuvering. It had a great safety rating also, the main reason why I got this system!

Calumet, MI


Baby Trend Snap N Go Is The Way To Go!


The Snap N' Go Baby Trend stroller works amazingly with the Baby Trend Flex Lock infant car seat. The stroller is light weight and very easy to open one-handed. It fits nicely inside even small car trunks. The infant carrier clicks right into the Snap N Go, making it a quick transition from the car to being on the go. I used this stroller when my daughter was an infant and absolutley loved it. I kept the stroller in the car so that I always had it on hand. It was very nice to not have to wake my daughter up to transport her from the car into a stroller. I loved that the Snap N Go was just a shell of a stroller, making it very portable and perfect to use while my daughter was so tiny. After my daughter got older and grew out of the infant carrier we stopped using the Stop N Go and began using our jogging stroller. The Snap N Go wouldn't be good for super long walks (though we did use it for a 5K walk!), or on really uneven surfaces, but for stores/malls/sidewalk walks, it is great. I always recommend the Snap N Go to friends who are having a's just so easy to use, and quite affordable. I truly preferred this over the large travel system strollers.

Pullman, WA




I bought the Baby Trend carseat/stroller set (not the same print as pictured) and all together I love the set! When my first child was only 2 months old, we got in a bad car accident and rolled our jeep 3 times, and the carseat did not budge an inch! keep my baby perfectly safe and she amazingly did not get a single scratch on her! The carseat survived with only on small scratch and a couple drops of blood from my husband. Even the cop that responded was surprised the baby and the seat were in such good condition. There are a couple things I would change about it though. The carseat and stroller both are not very easy to clean. And the stroller is stubborn sometimes and does not want to close properly so you have to play with it a little.  I also bought the matching playpen and highchair, and I love the set! 

Hamlet, NC


Great if this is what you really want AND need.


We got this as first time parents thinking it was everything we'd need.  However, in those first few months, our parenting philosophy changed dramatically.  We no longer wanted to keep the baby in his car seat and we removed him whenever he was awake.  Leaving infants in these movable car seats too long leads to flattened skulls and crying babies.  Babies who are held more cry less overall.  We bought a Moby wrap to use instead of the stroller and are only just now starting to use the stroller now that our son is 15 months old.  It's more of a portable high chair for around the house than much else.  Our little guy still prefers to walk around than be pushed in the stroller.  We prefer it as well since it means longer naps later.  The car seat itself is wonderful.  The straps adjust with the twist of a knob in the back and the LATCH system couldn't be simpler to install.  The only downsides are the handle is difficult to move up and down and the buckle pieces must be held together and buckled in simultaneously.  Quite the feat in a two-door car.  Also, I have to plug it here, but please don't turn your child facing forward at one year.  Car accidents are the number one cause of death for children over age one because forward-facing is only 1/5 as safe as rear-facing.  They cause such terrible injuries as internal decapitation and yet these injuries are easily preventable.  It's an easy way to protect your child from the number one cause of death for their age group.  Do some research - it's easy to keep them facing backward.

Chattanooga, TN


Baby Trend Travel System is very dependable


This baby trend car seat is mesa is very nice.  It has some features we were looking for.  We like that it has universal colors brown and orange.  Universal gender, for if we have a boy or a girl. I like the handle that is in the shape of a triangle for easier carring. Try carrying a heavy child in a car seat for a long time in the same position, you will be happy for the triangle.  Also, it has a strap that you can pull to get the car seat adjusted every time you use it very easily.  You dont have to unhook it to adjust, you  can just pull the strap.  The stroller is hard to open and close, while using one hand and sometime even two.  I'm not sure if some w d 40 would help it not stick or not.  The stroller does have a very roomy basket for storage and two cup holders for the child and two cup holders for the adult.  The stroller can go from reclining to upright easily.  The stroller has agressive tires and nice shocks.

Stayton, OR


LOVE this stroller!


I absolutely LOVE the bicycle wheels on this stroller.  We've been off-road, through mud, mulch, rocks, etc. and it was as easy to push as on concrete.  It's so easy to lock in the infant carrier and move it from car to stroller and back.  We used it all the time with our first.  We still use it now that we have two kids, but had to buy a double stroller, too.  I love Baby Trend and our double stroller is a Sit n Stand... but I WISH that they did the bicycle tires for their double strollers!!!  I really miss it when I don't have it.  The design we have is black, dark brown, and orange piping.  It still looks as new as the day we got it and have had no problems.  The only thing I would say is if you are using the regular seat in the reclining position, you have to set the seat back upright to fold the stroller.  It had a generous sized basket for storage, but we added some stroller hangers for even more.

Peoria, IL


Baby Trend stroller is very handy.


We really enjoy the look of our Baby Trend jogging stroller.  It looks durable and sporty.  I can push it through rocks or anything.  The jogging style really helps.  The only flaw is that the front tire is hard to turn.  It refuses to pivate easily. 

Albion, IN


Car Seat - Does the job but wouldn't buy it again.


Number One...don't buy a carseat unless you have actually SEEN and tried to USE it in person!!! I bought mine online b/c it had good safety ratings, I liked the look of it (very neutral for girl or boy so it could be re-used), and the shopping options were pretty limited in my area. I suggest taking a baby doll (if you don't have one yet and are expecting...I bet-ya have a friend with a little girl who would let you borrow one the her 30!) and actually buckling it up, adjust the straps, and carry it around...holding the handle, carrying it on your arm, etc. Put the handle up and it all b/c you are going to be like this (I am crossing my fingers) for the next year +, depending on how many kiddos you are going to have! And remember, strapping your angel in is NOT the only process you will go through...babies poop and spit up a lot, and it doesn't always stay inside the diaper or on the bib. Look to see how easy it is to take the covers and straps off and reassemble them all (this is so much more important than you know...for you first timers, it can happen daily. I am so sorry, but it can, and will) The straps are a little hard to click and put together...the trick is to lock the bottom two first then lock the chest. The bottom latch makes a REALLY loud "click" that despite the hard work you spent to get your already sleeping baby into the seat and into the straps, will wake them up. That sucks. The handle is REALLY hard to fold down...both hands have to be just right to give enough pressure to release basically have to be right in front of the seat in order to get it back/down. It really is a sight to see when trying to get the handle up to get the carseat out of a vehicle, especially a two-door car. ;) It is fairly easy to clean...the covers come off easily and reassembly is pretty easyily too. However, the metallic sheen on the seems is starting to come off (I have washed it ~10 times through 1.5 kiddos). The metallic material (I think it may only be on the galexy set) can cause some sweating, but wipes down easier than a cotten-type cover. So it is a trade-off. There is a gap (picture the baby in the seat) from mid-back to baby's bottom in the seat that is unhealthy for their spine...not to mention it bunches them in a ball and causes almost instant spit-up. My first daughter RARELY spit up, but as soon as I got her in the car seat, out it came. You can fold up a burp cloth and place it under the cover to help even this out, but of course it hasn't been safety tested like that. (However, you will come to understand over time that while it is incredibly important to keep your baby as safe as possible, you also have to make them comfortable...forget cell phones - nothing is more unnerving and dangerous than a screaming baby in the backseat distracting you from your driving duties, I promise!) It doesn't come with any "strap covers/protectors" so the straps at the shoulders will irritate baby's neck. Overall, the seat is okay. It gets the job done, is pretty easy to clean, fits easily in the base, the stroller is great and easy to fold and unfold, the colors are cool and stylish (w get lots of compliments), easy to adjust the strap height as baby grows, has a notch at the base (where it fits and clicks into the base and stroller) that fits easily onto grocery basket seats and  even my radio flyer wagon

Lubbock, TX


Baby Trend Travel System- don't do it! DOES NOT fold easily!


I walk regularly at a park and use this stroller almost everyday. Folding it, and unfolding it is a hassle ALL the time. I have had strangers ask me if I need a hand! I would NOT buy this again for that reason!

Columbus, GA


Baby Trend Travel System Stroller

4.0 19