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Infant Car Seats
Baby Trend
Baby Trend Phantom Infant Car Seat

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Great for saftey, hard to use


We had to carseat until my son was 6 months old.  I was thrilled with the safety ratings, but it's hard to remove the covering to wash and the black dye bled onto my infants clothing when he spit up, which most babies do to some extent.  The black part also bled onto the white trim.  However this was priced way below the other seats at this high safety rating level, which is more important to me than clothing.  It also felt super plush and comfortable for a baby to sit in and I felt like it fit my son well.  Both my husband and myself loved the triangle handle hold, made it easy to grab it from any side.  The base also adjusts well, and with a button you push in and slide up to the right position for your car.  I liked this much better than the old crank wheel system.  I also liked that the head shield had wrap around sides, I felt like this held an infants head better and would protect durring a crash.

Lexington, KY


My favorite!


In my opinion, Baby Trend puts out the best infant car seat around. I love everything about this seat! The number one feature that I have to have is the rotating sun shade. I have seen several car seats that don't have this option and I just don't get it. It's a must in my book. I have tinted windows and sun shades on my car windows as well and the sun still hurts tiny eyes. So, that is a number one factor to me with this seat. Second is the triangle handle. It's the easiest handle on a car seat that I have seen so far. I also like how it fits into the car seat base. It is such an easy snap and go, which is not something you get with other brands. It really is the most convenient car seat around. Not to mention it's safety rating. This is one of the safest car seats around. I really haven't ever seen anything bad written about these seats. You are crazy if you like Evenflo seats. Those are just way too inconvenient. Graco is nice, but I'm biased and I think Baby Trend is better. I will say that, yes, putting the two little pieces together on the belt at the bottom is a bit inconvenient, but it has never taken me long to strap my baby in. I just love this seat all together and would recommend it to all my friends and family!

Fort Stewart, GA


Baby Trend makes a good carseat.


We like our Baby Trend carseat.  The overlapping pieces of the harness are a little difficult to manage, but it gets the job done and I know my daughter is safe.  I really like the triangle handle, although I wish that it a little more sturdy.  We would have liked more color options. 

Albion, IN


Like the look but it drives me crazy


We decided on this seat because my husband didn't want everything pink.  I liked the look of it and liked the fact that it had a cover for the baby's feet.  The handle on this model is very hard to release.  I have carpal tunnel and I have a hard time squeezing the sides hard enough to get the handle to go up or down.  My mother also has the same problem.  We also both have a hard time getting the harness strapped between the baby's legs.  Both pieces come together like a puzzle and you have to hold them together while pushing them into the lock.  The nurse at the hospital couldn't do it either!  The handle on the top is supposed to be Ergonomical but neither me or my husband can find a comfortable way to hold onto it.  It is easy to release from the car and snap back in.  I am glad that the baby will only be in this seat for a few months.   I also bought the stroller and it worked fine for a few walks and then the front wheel started shaking.  Luckily I am not a jogger because I have a feeling it would really go out of control if going fast!  We found that if you lift up on the handle so the tire has more friction with the road, then it will stop...until it happens a few minutes later!

Bangor, ME


Baby Trend Phantom Infant Car Seat

3.5 4