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Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogging Stroller

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Wobble, Wobble, Wobble!!


Easy to use, opens easily, collapses easily and easily cleaned. Has a great safety belt including shoulder/chest strap. Lots of room for baby/toddler. Could of had a better/bigger storage area underneath seating and a front wheel that does not wobble and go flat. Design Would have liked it to collapse to a smaller/more compact size for storage. A bigger/more durable storage area under seating would have been good for carrying things baby needs on the go. Safety Nice 5 point type harness in it where you can choose to use shoulder/chest belts or just choose to use waist strap. Carriage area is a little big for small infants/newborns without very good harness for them and open around the area where baby would be, so if you do not stuff blankets around, baby could slide out sides or bottom. Child Comfort Everything with comfort was good except that the back does not sit up completely straight in upward position. Maneuverability I find it hard to maneuver when the front wheel is constantly wobbling and wheel goes flat. It really makes it hard to steer and harder to push, it is a little bigger than most jogger strollers too and that makes it more difficult to use on public transportation. Durability We have dropped, banged, skidded this stroller in many different ways and it has help up to the punishment in a great way.




Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogging Stroller

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